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The Weeknd, Oneohtrix Point Never drop futuristic ‘Dawn FM (OPN Remix)’

In the wake of Dawn FM’s release, The Weeknd and Oneohtrix Point Never have held 2022 in an inescapable chokehold, and thankfully, it seems like they have no intention of stopping anytime soon.

Between countless new visuals and Abel’s long-awaited “After Hours Til Dawn” tour, The Weeknd and OPN continue making their mark on 2022 — returning together with an official OPN remix of Dawn FM’s eponymous track.

OPN’s reimagining of Dawn FM isn’t the first remix to drop following its release earlier this year. Mike Dean and KAYTRANADA remixed “Starry Eyes” and “Out Of Time” respectively in the last few months. However, unlike the two remixes that preceded it, OPN’s refreshed take on “Dawn FM” (a track that he himself produced) sees OPN leaning further into the record’s futuristic synthesis of ethereal vocal harmonies and fantastical synth patterns.

Best known for his experimental electronic music and his work inventing vaporwave, OPN’s remix of “Dawn FM” sees past meeting future as the producer-powerhouse pushes his signature sound forward while still carrying a deep reverence for those that preceded him. Hopefully, this is not the last collaboration between OPN and The Weeknd, but rather an optimistic harbinger of things to come.

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