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Thouxanbanfauni takes things to ‘another level’ on his new album ‘FOREVER FIGUEROA 2’

Underground legend Thouxanbanfauni is the epitome of consistency — dropping multiple full-length projects every year since reaching SoundCloud stardom in 2017.

His latest offering is the sequel to 2021’s FOREVER FIGUEROA, bringing fans into deeper parts of his art more than ever before. Fauni’s 13-track featureless escapade sees the Tennessee-born emcee thriving with cinematic instrumentals and his matter-of-fact delivery, as FOREVER FIGUEROA 2 evokes a variety of emotions all the way through. Fauni even admits this tape is a bit more personal than past projects, saying that he was on “another level” when making FF2.

“I hardly get a chance to let my fans know what’s going on behind the music,” Thouxan said. “Through FF2 I’m really taking them into what’s been going on in my life. Despite the trials and tribulations I’ve experienced, I feel like I’m on another level and nothing can stop me.”

On FF2, tracks like “Nosy Neighbors” and “Dead Wrong” showcase Fauni’s ability to create atmospheric tracks while flexing on his opposition, whether it be his local Home Owner’s Association or his musical peers.

“Armed and dangerous, this glizzy gon’ slay ’em, we gon’ stain ’em

Shooters, gangsters, and robbers, and killers, that’s’ my gang

My circle full of strippers, scammers, I call ’em my family

Fuck your feelings, y’all don’t judge me off my past, don’t know my pain

You would say, “Land of the second chances”

Home of the free, land of the braves, don’t tell me I can’t, I’m American”

Thouxanbanfauni — “Nosy Neighbors”

Alternatively, songs like “BUDDAH ARMS” and “Silly Net” exemplify his more introspective side with lyrics about his struggles despite the fame.

Additionally, Fauni displayed his versatility once more by dropping a heartfelt verse on composer-singer Johan Lenox’s latest single “Get My Shit Together.” With much more in store, Thouxan let fans into his life more than ever before on FOREVER FIGUEROA 2 — looking to continue create more raw, uncut gems that everyone can dig in to.

Check out ‘FOREVER FIGUEROA 2’ by Thouxanbanfauni below!