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Toosii shares single ‘Heartaches’ ahead of ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ EP

Over a year since dropping his last project Thank You For Believing, Toosii has announced his upcoming EP Boys Don’t Cry by way of its lead single “Heartaches” (Sept. 23).

Simultaneously with the release of “Heartaches,” the New York native shared a note via Twitter thanking his fans for their patience, as well as opening up about his recent battle with mental health issues: “Trying to learn to be the best person I can for the people I love and myself.”

Set to release Oct. 7, Boys Don’t Cry looks to explore Toosii’s experiences over the past year, while “Heartaches” reflects on his sorrows from life before fame. Toosii wastes no time addressing the matter at hand, kicking off the chorus with the melancholic line “heartaches they don’t discriminate.”

Heartaches, they don’t discriminate

You done taken my heart, put it in a bitter place

No sweet, no sorrow

Here today, still here tomorrow (Yeah)

Say to be honest, my love language all the above

I crave affection but communication whenever we f**k

Tossii — “Heartaches”

All over “Heartaches,” Toosii goes into depth about his love language and craving for affection. Getting even more vulnerable on the second portion of the hook, he lets his lover know he doesn’t “care about your past, even if you was a ho” — though he is well aware that he needs this person in his life.

Accompanied by poignant visuals, “Heartaches” sees Toosii continue to push the boundaries of what a R&B artist is meant to be, helping him make his way back to mainstream relevancy. With his EP set to release next week, the New York native is looking to finish off 2022 as strong as ever.

Check out Toosii’s “Heartaches” below!