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wolfacejoeyy brings a new sound to the ‘Game’

Staten Island native and underground prodigy wolfacejoeyy has been on the rise since the release of his viral single “shake it” in June.

The hit track materialized after Joeyy’s “On The Radar” freestyle, where he performed the song prior to its subsequent blow-up. Now over three months later, he’s back for more with his latest track “game,” produced by Whereis22.

Sampling Juice WRLDs unreleased track “Game,” Joeyy wears his Juice influence on his sleeve — paying homage to the late emo-rap pioneer by reciting his original hook. From there, Joeyy’s staccato flow overtakes the winding piano loop and drill-inspired drums that make “game” an instant bop.

Shawty wanna play a game with me (Okay)

She think I’m fye (Fye), said lil’ shawty wanna stay with me (Okay)

Tell that boy, “Slide” (Slide), Hit that lil’ boy with a DDT (Okay)

She said she shy (Shy), but I know that lil’ baby a freak, shawty gon’ eat, uh

“game” — wolfacejoeyy

“I’m on my 999 shit / we got 999 hits,” Joeyy croons, shouting out Juice with a melodic autotune bridge. Inspired by elements of drill, pop and Jersey club, the 18-year-old East Coast up-and-comer brings a whole new vibe to Juice’s underground classic.

It’s becoming clear that wolfacejoeyy and Whereis22 have been locked in to create the best music possible. With back-to-back bangers in “shake it” and “game,” the stars are truly aligning for this duo to shine in the near future.

Listen to “game” below!