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wolfacejoeyy’s ‘shake it’ is becoming a moment for New York emcee

Staten Island native wolfacejoeyy has quickly ascended in underground circles as of late — all stemming from the success of fan-favorite cuts in “miss me,” “gi joe” and “money trees.”

Sitting at nearly 20,000 Spotify monthly listeners — and gaining notoriety among the likes of new wave stars in midwxst, Yung Fazo and others — the 19-year-old standout has become one to watch for many reasons, but mostly for his extreme versatility within his music. Touting clever verses, energetic vocals and addictively melodic hooks, the young rapper seems to check all the boxes needed to make a track fully come to life.

wolfacejoeyy’s latest single “shake it” (June 28) sees the New York teen deliver yet again — bringing forth an upbeat dance track produced by whereis22. Thumping kicks and rattling hi-hats make up most of the bouncy, Jersey club beat as joeyy’s rhythmic hook and verses ride smoothly within “shake it’s” atmospheric pockets.

“Uh (Woah), shake it

Shawty gon’ move up and shake it (Oh)

Tell her, “Bend that ass, back it up”, oh

Tell her, “Bend that ass, back it up, don’t break it” (Okay)

Take ya’ mama now, [?] (Alright)

Yeah, shawty, don’t break it, uh (Alright)

Yeah, shawty gon’ shake it”

wolfacejoeyy – “shake it”

“shake it” is simply one of those tracks that can change the energy in a room instantly. Joeyy’s nonchalant vocal approach over the fast-tempo beat fits seamlessly — making for an immediately playlisted cut. His witty lyrics and references in the single illustrate joeyy’s fun spirit and the overall liveliness he channels into his music.

While this is just wolfacejoeyy’s second year in the game, the young prospect is already showing superstar promise settling into his role as the underground’s next genre-bender.

Listen to “shake it” below!