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Yeat’s ‘Already Rich’ seems to lead in his ‘best album’ yet

Yeat’s moves only get more mysterious, bringing the long-teased “Already Rich” to streaming without warning.

Why drop in the middle of the week? Was it an accident? These were a few questions fans had regarding the prolific rapper’s surprise release last week.

While Yeat’s unreleased track “Already Rich” mysteriously hit all digital streaming platforms on May 3, the rage-inducing single seems to lead in a new album from the Portland-LA raised rapstar. “No deluxe anymore, imma just drop an album,” Yeat proclaimed in a now-deleted tweet, taking to Instagram just days after to say the new record he’s been working on is the “best album I ever made.”

“Already Rich,” produced by Noble, has been circling the internet for the better part of a year, as the longtime leak has been a heavy fan favorite in underground circles. The track is Yeat’s first “official” single following his third studio album AftërLyfe, in February, which garnered him his highest-charting debut of his career.

Despite most of Yeat’s cult-like following — who are “experts” in Yeatology — insisting that the 23-year-old emcee is still a part of the underground circuit, AftërLyfe’s statistics prove otherwise. He has become, in fact, more mainstream than mainstream artists themselves, as his first-day streams outperformed many of rap’s long-term top dogs.

While Yeat’s appeal, besides his genre-defying music, comes from his intrepid persona and strategic, outlined decisions, we can highly doubt that he will ever address whether or not “Already Rich” was intentionally released. Regardless, new Yeat music is a gift that keeps on giving with much more on the way.

For now, listen to “Already Rich” below!

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