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YNW Melly’s jury selection delayed, faces death penalty in state of Florida

“Murder On My Mind” star YNW Melly has one of the most perplexing, intriguing and volatile stories in all of hip-hop lore.

Turning himself in to authorities after being charged with two counts of first-degree murder in 2019, Melly — whose real name is Jamel Maurice Demons — has not only been dealing with his own “Demons” while incarcerated, but is fighting discussions of enacting capital punishment.

Over the past eight years, Melly has been in and out of prison for aggravated assault (2015), multiple violations of probation (2017) and illegal possession of firearms and drug paraphernalia (2018).

His ongoing trial for the double-murder of YNW associates and friends Anthony Williams, 21, and Christopher Thomas Jr., 19, was originally scheduled for May 23, 2022. However, Melly pleaded for a speedier sentence this week, causing his case to receive further delays due to its expedited nature.

On Wednesday (April 20), the Jury selection for the case was postponed as Melly’s charges indicate grounds for the death penalty in the state of Florida. Selection is reported to take place throughout the month of May, as lawyers and Broward Circuit Judge Andrew Siegel work their way through a barrage of last-minute motions and hearings to pin down a trial date. Judge Siegel also stated that Melly’s case will receive little media attention from local outlets, which is hoped to make jury selection run smoothly.

There has been a surplus of unanswered questions regarding the trial and growing suspicion about the constant delays and contradicting information from both parties in this case. While fans may have differing opinions, Melly has remained extremely optimistic throughout his due process — recently enlightening fans on his current situation and giving positive messages about his “soon-to-be freedom” on social media.

“To all my loved ones and close friends i wanted to let everyone know, that my phone privilege have been revoked i am no longer allowed to call or have video visitation that is the reason why no one has received any calls from me but do not worry i am in great spirits my happiness and faith will never be broken Happy Easter to all my Fans and family and friends.”

YNW Melly via Instagram

Just days after his Easter update, Melly took to Twitter and Instagram once more (April 19) with greater confidence of his release this year — posting a picture of him cheesing in the courtroom, captioning that he will “be home” in 2022.

While still a developing story, the hip-hop community will certainly have its eyes all over YNW Melly’s case as it unfolds. Nothing is for certain, as Melly’s future teeters on the grim balance of life in prison and grounds for lawful death.

For now, check out YNW Melly’s most recent album ‘Just A Matter of Slime’ below!