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Yung Fazo keeps it ‘honest’ in new single and DotCom Nirvan music video

Since contributing to the 2021 symbiotic single “Antisocial 2,” containing practically every teenage new wave star in the game, Yung Fazo has continued to elevate. 2022 has been a particularly busy year for the New Yorker, as several singles and an EP have helped him realize his dreams and advance his young career.

Now, Fazo can scratch another milestone off the list, as his recent collaborative music video with DotCom Nirvan, an essential checkpoint for today’s underground road to glory, sees him give off a frigid demeanor. On Aug. 19, he released his latest single “honest” accompanied by the visuals, which depict him in a cold atmosphere rocking a ski mask.

In the auto-tune drenched bop, Fazo keeps it real about the hard work he puts in, his fashion sense and his ability to be straightforward when necessary.

Pop another one, yeah, it put me to sleep if I’m honest

She like, “You wan’ come right to my crib?” B*tch, I’m on it

They say why I rock designer fits? ‘Cause I bought it

I go mix the Bape up with the Rick, that’s how I want it

Walked inside the mall, I spend a ticket, know I’m balling

When I’m making music everyday, I put my all in

I just write these songs to ease the pain, I feel like falling

“honest” — Yung Fazo

“honest” demonstrates growth from Fazo, in terms of both artistry and maturity. As he continues to climb in status, and with his first full-length project since 2020 on the way, he is aware of how valuable being candid is.

Check out the “honest” video by Yung Fazo below!