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yvngxchris is on a solo mission for his new single ‘In Christian We Trust’

New wave sensation yvngxchris has been a standout member of the underground movement for the last few years now, separating himself from the pack with a uniquely aggressive delivery and fast-paced flows.

The Virginia native celebrated spooky season with another solo banger, expanding his discography with some of his most experimental material yet. His latest offering, “In Christian We Trust,” is an unpredictably eerie track that changes pitches every few bars.

An ominous piano loop backs yvngxchris’s unstoppable delivery as he drops bar after bar of punchlines, matched by dark visuals with flashy effects. It’s unclear if or when this track is set to appear on all streaming services, however it is available on SoundCloud and YouTube for the time being.

“Label tellin’ me to get more personal

Shawty tellin me to get her a purse

I told both of them, don’t take this personal

But I don’t think that shit finna work

Ten ties, I can’t converse

These Rick Owens, I can’t Converse”

yvngxchris — “In Christian We Trust”

This marks yvngxchris’s first single since his debut album VIRALITY, a quick, 8-song release with appearances from DC the Don, Lil Yachty and XLOVCLO. The young rapper has stepped his game up this year, delving into new sounds with every release and working with his peers along the way. He also seems to be dropping another new track “sometime this week” entitled “ALL BLK.”

While his debut project gets its shine, it’s clear that yvngxchris won’t be leaving his fans hungry for long.

Check out ‘In Christian We Trust’ by yvngxchris below!

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