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Zack Fox continues his irreverent streak with new single ‘sipping my tea’

Comedian-turned-rapper Zack Fox isn’t one to stay in just one lane or another. Previously proving this on his debut full length project shut the f*** up talking to me, Fox’s tenacious rapping is as ubiquitous as the dirty sense of humor that made him so popular in the first place.

Sipping my tea” is the culmination of his work thus far and almost feels like the necessary precursor to whatever he has planned next. Produced by BNYX — whose production backed the majority of Yeat’s recent project LYFË and also some of Fox’s last project — the track’s relaxed and ’80’s vibes never permeate the space Fox needs to spit some grimacingly witty bars. The hilarity that ensues make these two a duo that absolutely must collaborate again.

Beatin’ down the block, leave sh*t dismantled

Called the b*tch Gap Band, p*ssy outstandin’

Ass so fat, left a n*gga in shambles

Cryin’ in the club like shawty from Scandal

Zack Fox – “sipping my tea”

The Gap Band reference is just one of many insane connotations that Zack Fox throws on the track – and one that further cements its retro vibe. This isn’t new territory for him either, as the double-sided single IHY2LN + Marinate also utilized the sonic influences of the past and made for some of his most memorable work yet.

Whether you know him from the immensely viral and equally funny “Jesus Is The One (I Got Depression)” or his unhinged tweets, Zack Fox’s idiosyncratic blend of comedy and bars isn’t one to be skipped on “sipping my tea.”

Check Out “sipping my tea” Below!