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Andrew Callaghan Interview: Channel 5 news is becoming a fixture for the culture

In a world filled with extremists and hidden communities, there is only one man who can cover the most unhinged parts of our culture in a way that caters to the masses: Channel 5‘s Andrew Callaghan.

Callaghan has become synonymous for bringing instantly viral, left-of-center content to hip-hop’s ceaseless news cycle. Using comedy as a vehicle for his welcoming, bright and laid-back personality, Callaghan’s journalistic conversations are truly one to behold — tackling full-on festival coverages, interviews, skits and more all on his own accord.

Experiencing an ascension stemming from his time a part of the popular YouTube collective All Gas No Brakes, Callaghan has evidently become a star in his space. One facet of culture that has made repeat appearances in his content is that of hip-hop, as he explains that the relationship between fans and artists tends to lend itself to comedic and enlightening interactions.

“What I like about rap festivals in particular is the drastic difference between the energy of a rapper and the energy of a typical rap fan. Rappers are typically pretty subdued and relaxed and cool, sometimes douchey but generally funny and they have a giant entourage surrounding them in a circular formation at all times, whereas rap fans are rabid, like foaming at the mouth.”

Andrew Callaghan on hip-hop festivals

Making an appearance at Lyrical Lemonade‘s 2022 Summer Smash Festival, Andrew has appeared on-screen with artists such as OhGeesy, Chief Keef, Zillakami, Yung Gravy and more, giving his fans a look into the lives of artists as well as their exchanges with fans. On top of his constant coverage, he has helped further one young artist’s career by hosting a music video for Rowboat, a young rapper who he met at the Utah Rap Festival who dropped his single “Clap That” earlier this year. He even had a rap career of his own at one point, joking that if he comes back he wants to sing like “Drank In My Cup” rapper Kirko Bangz.

Andrew’s unmatched charisma and signature interviewing technique (revealed during the interview) have led to content that is impossible to emulate, showcased by the undeniable mismanagement of his former channel All Gas No Brakes. Proceeding to outdo his own success with an enormous outpour of public support, Andrew has boosted his content even further into mainstream circles.

“The collapse of All Gas No Brakes was really sad because I built that show from nothing with my closest friends but I signed a bad contract. We had a parent company called Doing Things Media that had technically full control of the intellectual property… It got to the point where they sent me an email and they were like, ‘If you don’t produce two pieces of Patreon content by a certain date, you’re gonna be terminated,’ and I called them and I’m like, ‘How are you going to terminate the dude who directs, films and edits his own show?

Andrew Callaghan on All Gas No Brakes

Amid everything he’s done, he and OGM host Hakeem Rowe interestingly share one commonality: They are the only two people to secure a coveted Yeat interview. Now, these “interview twins” collide for our latest OGM interview, as Andrew and Hakeem chop up his music career, beginnings on YouTube, musical inspirations, interviewing, meeting Lil Peep, Chief Keef, breaking out of the “YouTuber box” and much more.

Check out Andrew Callaghan’s OGM exclusive interview below!