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Benny The Butcher, J. Cole body ‘Johnny P’s Caddy’ off ‘Tana Talk 4’

If there’s anything rap prodigy Benny The Butcher can’t do, is miss.

When “the Butcher coming,” everyone seems to get out of the way — steering clear of the heavy-hitting heap of brutally honest bars Benny unloads in every track. Letting his rhymes do the talking, he’s no stranger to being doubted or undermined, as the Griselda wordsmith is still hungry for respect despite his status as a bonafide rapstar.

Along with inking a deal with Def Jam Records last year, the Buffalo native adds another legendary co-sign from J. Cole on his birthday — joining forces on the lead single from his long-awaited album Tana Talk 4.

Since the release of his magnum opus Tana Talk 3 (2018), Benny has seen a stratospheric rise from the streets to revered rap prestige. After a handful of projects over the last four years, the Hit-Boy-produced Burden Of Proof (2020) further showcased Benny’s range and appeal as an enticing top-tier lyricist. Boasting deeply narrative verses stricken with genuine quips of trapping, perservence, respect and the brutality of street life, Benny is as real as it gets on his new track “Johnny P’s Caddy.”

Ruminating on street cred and ushering in TT4, The Butcher’s chops are on full display over angelic production from Alchemist. The woozy, sample-clad beat majestically opens a barrage of bars from Benny. In one of his most hungry verses to date, he demands his respect alongside the preacher J. Cole — speaking on how failure is essential to success, refuting his doubters and bringing “Validity” to Griselda.

They wanna know what I brought to Griselda, I say, “Validity”

They askin’ what work y’all niggas put in, I’m like, “What didn’t we?”

Problems that I correct through the obstacles I progress

Illogical for them to feel they responsible for our success

Besides Con’ and West, tell me who else I gotta respect (Who else?)

‘Cause I’m kinda perplexed, it’s ’bout time that I got my respect

Benny The Butcher — “Johnny P’s Caddy”

Benny and Cole are an immaculate one-two punch, as Jermaine praises Griselda to start his verse playing off BSF’s flow effortless. With how smooth this sounds, more Alchemist and Cole collabs would only make listeners even more happy. Sliding over Al’s fever dream orchestra and ghostly vocal loops, Cole is really “on 10, not 9” on “Johnny P’s Caddy.” Throwing bars like punches one after the other, he’s rapping in a completely different league than any of his peers — spitting “N*** want me on a song, he gon’ see the wrath of the reaper / I’m prolly gon’ go to Hell if Jesus ask for a feature.”

While Cole is known for his unbelievable guest spots, he wholeheartedly offers the respect Benny deserves with a verse that will long linger into his Fall Off era. Referencing Albert Einstein’s famed theory of relativity, J. Cole crowns himself one of the best rappers alive — speaking on how no other emcee can stand against him as a birthday gift to himself.

Just to count a nigga cash, you might need a calculus teacher

Eureka, Einstein on the brink of the theory of relativity

Really no MC equal, feel me, Cole pen be lethal

Crib like an old MTV show, uh

On God, the best rapper alive, headshot

Now go and ask the best rappers that died

J. Cole — “Johnny P’s Caddy”

Channeling the hunger of their come-ups, bringing together two storytellers of this caliber is truly a sight to see. Music needs more Benny and J. Cole, as TT4’s rollout starts off on the best foot possible — perhaps with an early song of the year candidate.

Stemming from Westside Gunn’s star-studded album Pray For Paris (2020), Griselda rose the ranks of hip-hop’s upper echelon in recent years. Co-signs from Kanye West, Jay-Z and now Cole, they’ve seemingly cemented themselves as a fixture for rap royalty — ruling in a space that realizes their influence in the game. They’ve been doing this for years, though. Gunn, Benny and Conway The Machine are a trio like no other, as their collective discography contains stories of legendary acclaim and holds projects that remain timeless to this day.

While Benny held fans over with Pyrex Picasso and Plugs I Met 2 in 2021, in 2022, he’s snatching the the respect that he rightfully deserves.

Watch the video for Benny and Cole’s new track below!