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Destroy Lonely champions his style, sound on ‘No Stylist’

This is not a drill. No Stylist really dropped.

Teased for the better part of two years, Opium signee Destroy Lonely has built immense hype for his debut project during his short time in the spotlight. Using his clout a part of the Playboi Carti-run label to push his dark, brooding aesthetic to a cult-like fanbase, Lonely has finally gifted the game with his long-awaited, culture-quenching LP.

Holding 19 tracks and a sole feature from Opium labelmate Ken Carson, the project’s unexpected and unorthodox announcement on Thursday (Aug. 11) had fans rejoicing upon learning NS would contain all new music — excluding any previous singles for a full tape of unheard material.

Oddly enough, No Stylist was officially acknowledged by Lone only minutes after its release on Friday (Aug. 12). Instead, initial word spread through de facto voices in RapCaviar and Taz Taylor — who also locked in with the Opium star for Internet Money’s upcoming EP We All We Got. They, among others, seemingly confirmed the project’s existence despite the reticence of Destroy’s camp.

Since the deluxe of his last full-length project, </3, in 2020, fans have patiently waited for this moment. Previously dropping autotune-laced verses on tracks with Carson, Slump6s and Bktherula this year, his April single, “20YRS OLD,” signaled the beginning of a potential rollout from Destroy Lonely. However, No Stylist came as a complete surprise.

Touting early highlights in “JETLGGD,” “FAKE N—AS,” TURNINUP” and “VETERAN” featuring “Teen X” himself, No Stylist is ultimately Destroy’s defining moment at the cusp of a superstar run. “I knew I would be something special,” he spits on the bombastic “PRSSURE,” as he strives to showcase the “other sh*t” that sets him a part his peers. Similarly, Lonely doesn’t feel like he has “a point to prove” with his latest LP, divulging on his goals, mindset and more in his OGM exclusive interview.

Truly, truly — because this is something I’ve been working on for a long time and it means a lot to me — I don’t feel like I have a point to prove. But I want to be able to break away from however people feel about me and show them that I can create. I can make real music. I’m not trying to be the most different, or trying to go left field, but I want to make some different than what’s being created right now in my own way. I just want to show people that I can do the other sh*t.”

Destroy Lonely on ‘No Stylist’

Championing his own style and swagger on No Stylist, Destroy Lonely has quickly shot himself to the forefront of the new wave in one swift stroke. Tap in to one of the best underground tapes of the year.

Listen to ‘No Stylist’ below!

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