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Dro Kenji swings for the fences on SoundCloud single ‘CURVE BALL’

With the MLB World Series in full swing, Dro Kenji is sitting on the curve — knocking his new track “CURVE BALL” right out of the park.

Exclusively released on SoundCloud this past weekend (Oct. 28), the Internet Money phenom continues to showcase he is a cut above the new wave’s core talent. Only two months removed from ANYWHERE BUT HERE — his seventh full-length project in two years’ time — Kenji remains relentless amid his ABH joint tour with Midwxst.

Calling back on his debut project TEARS & PISTOLS, the “CURVE BALL” artwork creatively plays off T&P’s iconic teary-eyed cover. The track, however, doesn’t seem to be a T&P leftover by any means, as “CURVE BALL” sees the 20-year-old “SUPERSTAR” eyeing up the curves life — and love — ultimately present. “You are, I know, so really / No one else could let me down / Life keep throwin’ curve balls at me / So fair, only feelin’ when you’re not ’round,” he sing-raps with raw emotion, conjuring yet another catchy cut within his already lengthy discography.

Alongside his new SoundCloud effort, the South Carolina emo-crooner also dropped off the sixth visual for ANYWHERE BUT HERE in “HOW U FEEL?” Judging by Kenji’s tireless rate of release — and his coinciding tour — it’s evident that the young rap phenom allows himself no room for error. Simply put, he still has yet to miss, and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

While Kenji is busy catching the curves life throws at him, “CURVE BALL” proves to be another must-add to your underground sound arsenal.

Listen to “Curve Ball” below!

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