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Eem Triplin’s ‘STILL PRETTY’ with distinct debut EP

Coinciding performances at Summer Smash, Rolling Loud and the “Get Busy Or Die Tour” with close collaborator $NOT, Eem Triplin’s takeover feels unavoidable.

Eem Triplin embodies uniqueness. Touting a distinct, transporting soundscape only he possesses, the Johnstown-bred freshman is operating a class above his peers — with his debut EP, STILL PRETTY, capturing the essence of his blossoming star power.

2023 has been a year of growth for the new wave trendsetter. Off the strength of singles in “WALKED IN” and “TELL ME IM RIGHT,” the 22-year-old Triplin hasn’t just caught the attention of artists like Drake, Lil Yachty, Tyler, The Creator and more, but has solidified his sound is here to stay. STILL PRETTY displays Eem’s full breadth of talent away from the string of singles he’s consistency shared since “Awkward Freestyle.” Highlights like “WASTED TIMES” and “FEEL BOUT ME” are the epitome of Eem’s allure — gliding over woozy, warped beats with impeccable flows all drenched in his signature stacked vocal chain.

“You was picking up my interest / But at the same time, you was clouding up my vision / Disregarding all my feelings / Lowering my ceiling / Sabotaging my dealings,” Eem raps on “WASTED TIMES,” a finger-picked rap ballad that sees the rapper explore an alt-pluggnb pocket all his own. Among the five new cuts on the 7-track excursion, “WHAT DA OPP SAID,” “S550” — which at one point featured Lil Yachty — and “WHAT DA HOE CRIED” are differently distinct outings that elevate Pretty Ricky’s affinity for bouncy, experimental songs so infectious that they refuse to leave your head.

Down-mixed, distorted guitar melodies, airy synth progressions and chopped-n-screwed outros all make for an original, authentic showcasing of Eem Triplin’s talent — STILL PRETTY above all. Armed with potent production skills (producing all seven beats on the record alongside DJ Dahi and Charlie Myles) just as robust as his rapping, Triplin’s out-of-the-box energy and online relatability are staples of his sound. The future is bright for many of the new wave’s marquee voices, but Eem’s smolders with undoubted success that breaks past any limit the sky sets.

Listen to ‘STILL PRETTY’ below!

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