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Eem Triplin ignites ‘consistent heat’ on ‘WALKED IN’ visual

This article was originally published on January 15 and has been updated to reflect the release of the new “WALKED IN” visual.

Eem Triplin’s ascent to stardom wasn’t by accident — continuing to double down on what makes his sound stand out: Personality.

Putting in years of “real work,” it isn’t a surprise that the Johnstown, Pennsylvania native has reached peak levels of underground acclaim. Stemming from his viral set at Rolling Loud Miami where he performed in front of 13 people, Triplin’s talent is impossible to ignore — settling into 2023 with a new track and a promise to fans moving forward.

“My vault sounding crazy… TURNT,” he said on his Instagram story earlier this year. “Dropping consistent heat. The small waits are worth it, I promise.” Not waiting long to jumpstart his ‘23 takeover, Eem’s “WALKED IN” (Jan. 15), is another glaring example of his future superstar status — taking fans to “Sunday Service” as he calls it. Praise be to Eem, because this track is gospel.

The “Rubberbandman” floats over the euphoric, plugg-infused beat with ease. Produced by Sauron, “WALKED IN” feels like you’ve just entered a space station turnt all the way up to 10 — touting glistening chimes, cyborg-esque subs and droning bells that “Pretty Ricky” skates over. “I keep it 50-50 not 100, because I do not trust you with my business / Call me Walt White like I’m in the f***in studio / Cookin’ like I am a chemist,” Eem spits on the track’s back-half — barring out with that stank face-inducing swagger he’s become known for.

While Eem reached back into his bag on “WALKED IN,” it still feels like a evolution for the fast-rising rapper. “Da old Eem shii that n*** don’t know about… I’m back on that type mode,” he wrote to promote the track, encapsulating his meme-worthy and outwardly honest strategy to captivate fans. He also revealed to us that a new EP is in the works at Rolling Loud California.

Amid a joint tour with Lucki, his latest track “TELL ME IM RIGHT” and sharing the visual to “WALKED IN” months after its release (showcasing Eem shooting hoops at the Lyrical Lemonade office, among other things), Triplin is an artist who remains unapologetically himself — continuing to turn heads as one of the new wave’s most talented dual threats.

Check out “WALKED IN” below!

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