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Eem Triplin’s ‘TELL ME IM RIGHT’ leads in ‘lil project’

Eem Triplin’s sound is not only exciting, but feels like a fever dream I never want to wake up from.

Contemplative with intricate production choices and a one-of-one charisma that continues to captivate fans and garner co-signs from rap’s upper echelon, i.e. Drake and Lil Yachty, the Johnstown, Pennsylvania emcee’s ability to fully immerse you into his world is unmatched amongst other underground stars. “TELL ME IM RIGHT” (April 30) sees Triplin reaching greener pastures (literally), as the “Just Friends” trendsetter refuses to put out anything but perfection.

Initially teasing the track when speeding through the iconic Windows XP oasis in a bright red Mustang, the rapper’s latest single follows January’s sure-fire hit “WALKED IN,” which led Triplin toward the “lil project” he revealed to be working on at Rolling Loud California. Teasing more new music at the end of the visual for “TELL ME IM RIGHT,” this EP feels imminent and of-the-moment for a bubbling superstar like Triplin.

Wispy droning bells drown beneath the beat’s crisp hi-hats (prod. by Charles Myles) and Eem’s eccentric vocal chain — lighting up the track with distant ad-libs full of character. It’s another example of Eem’s visionary allure, skating over the spacey, otherwordly synth jam with bars like “Hoes see young Eem get lock jaw / I was just a schoolboy like Top dawg / Now I’m out with your ho getting topped off.”

Braggadocious and brimming with attitude, Eem’s vibe is so infectious it’s virtually inescapable — much like his visuals’ attention to detail. Colorful, cohesive and complementary to Triplin’s vast skillset (courtesy of director Declan Kyle), his artistic ability shines in the video’s back half — previewing a minimalistic, intrepid pluggnb cut that incites wonder at every turn. It’s a taste of what’s to come, and it couldn’t be more appetizing.

With an EP on the way, it’s evident Eem is aiming for the greatest of heights — staying undeniably unique in every facet.

Catch Eem on the “Get Busy Or Die” tour with $NOT, DC The Don, Night Lovell and more this summer.

Watch “TELL ME IM RIGHT” below!

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