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Glaive, Eric Doa gift fans with collab tape ‘then i’ll be happy’

At this point, Glaive and Eric Doa refuse to be held back.

As teenagers pioneering the wickedness hyperpop embodies, it’s clear that both artists have been a dynamic duo since their start. Their iridescent single “cloak n dagger” initially pitted the two stars together, while “fuck this town” only furthered the conversation about their importance and impact in this new genre. Now, hyperpop’s golden boys find balance in harmony on their new EP, then i’ll be happy.

On tracks like “mental anguish” and “heather,” the duo plays off each other’s strengths throughout the entirety of the EP. With hard-hitting, glitchy synth leads and video game inspired melodies, both Glaive and Eric’s voices shine over each track — trading verses seamlessly over the project’s 8-track run-time.

While their previous singles “fuck this town” and “cloak n dagger” are included in the tracklist, then i’ll be happy exists within an otherworldly betweenness — like its “yin-and-yang” cover art depicts.

Finding sonic steadiness within soulful pop ballads and glimmering vocal stems, the duo is certainly as dynamic as advertised. Glaive is fresh off his debut album All Dogs Go To Heaven while Eric, on the other hand, is riding the success of singles in “fantasize” and “back n forth” — shooting the Connecticut-based artist further into the spotlight. Eric also appeared on fellow hyperpop rapper midwxst’s latest tape, Back In Action.

Glaive’s love-torn on debut ‘all dogs go to heaven’

As the two continue to define the new wave’s core artistic vision, there seems to be nothing stopping them from becoming the superstars they were always meant to be.

Listen to Glaive and Eric Doa’s ‘then i’ll be happy’ below!