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grouptherapy.’s ‘I Was Mature For My Age, But I Was Still A Child’ marks where music is — and where it’s going

Genre is of no constraint to grouptherapy. Making hits undeniable and equally as infectious comes easy for them on their debut album I Was Mature For My Age, But I Was Still A. Child (June 27). Clad with a sense of purpose and overarching awareness of themselves and what music is missing, grouptherapy. fills the void and makes it their own.

The super trio (and childhood friends) Jadagrace, TJOnline and SWIM are a collective unbound and indistinguishable from the “PEAK” they’ve already climbed — going further with each track on their eclectic debut. Jumping from brooding R&B, Jersey Club, Detroit flows, pluggnb, alt-pop with bombastic 808s and more, raw songwriting and pocketed bars from TJ, SWIM and Jada’s swooning, ever-captivating vocals (that act as the glue to the entire project) are an anomaly amongst rising talent. If you were buying stocks, grouptherapy.’s is soaring — and it’s clear to see why based on the amount of genuine talent the three possess in their respective niche.

Singles like “PEAK,” “FUNKFEST,” and “Nasty” not only set the tone for the group, but armed fans (or “groupies”) with a clear vision and aesthetic of world domination. It was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened, though, as IWMFMABIWSAC is a masterclass of personality — unafraid of taking risks to craft music that lasts for years. The album, an ode to their days as Disney stars, features 16 tracks, with highlights like “Dysbf!”, “thatsmycheck,” “HOT!”, and “club song” — a slow burn, simplistic R&B record that sees Jada’s vocals and TJ’s songwriting-production shine. In short, grouptherapy. is the future of music — redefining what it means to be genreless by showcasing a true balance of their sonic strengths.

Of the singles, the bouncy Jersey cut “Peak” is perhaps the most tangible on the record. “Hold me while I hit my peak,” Jada repeats on the hook, as the track (in true grouptherapy. fashion) includes an aspect of multiple genres combined into one. SWIM lusciously delivers the first verse, which is paired perfectly with the choppy beat courtesy of CONNIE and Lodoni. Jada’s melodies shimmer as the production swells into a bass-led banger for SWIM to skate with passion over.

Its accompanying music video — directed by grouptherapy. themselves on a $0 budget — may land as their most experimental, but it’s just simply eye-popping. “FUNKFEST” mirrors this level of experimentation, but appears darker and more homegrown while also touting directing/editing credits from the group themselves. “Nasty” is the most fun of the three singles, allowing the energy found of other cuts like “Lightspeed,” “” and “Dysbf!” to come through in its final form. “Do your sh*t best friend, do your sh*t,” the group shouts in unison on the latter, creating a posse cut that feels excitedly positive through their closeness.

Conveyed with a wholehearted representation of their personalities, that, in itself, is the album’s greatest trait. grouptherapy. is the personification of where music is and where it’s going — bringing forth a colorful mosiac that evidently heals the pain of their pasts. Therapy isn’t for everyone, but IWMFMABIWSAC is a refreshing session that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Check out “IWMFMABIWSAC” below!

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