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iann dior battles plights of fame, drugs on ‘I Find It Hard’

Iann Dior’s rise as one of Internet Money’s premier protégés has paid off big time.

Now touting over 16 million monthly listeners on Spotify, pop-punk’s Swiss Army knife has ascended to greater heights following his sonic realignment with Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker. While Dior has explored a more rock-centric side to his sound in recent years, he isn’t afraid to dip back into his emo-rap roots, as the pop-rap sensation lets off everything weighing him down on “I Find It Hard” (July 15).

Over contemplative guitar melodies and thumping 808s, “I Find It Hard” jarringly depicts Dior at his lowest point. As his most introspective record to date, Iann brings forth a overly honest offering that sees him “chilling in the deep end” of his emotions. Whether this is a cry for help or not, the brevity in lines like “Who’s gonna pick me up when I’m down? No one” further asserts the struggles he’s been battling with in the spotlight.

Not only is hard for him to make friends and feel love because of the fame, Dior seems to have fallen victim to filling his internal void with drugs — masking these ill thoughts with his rapid success in music. “Business just been booming now,” he raps in the second verse, urging listeners “Don’t get close, I swear this life get so low / Not complaining ’cause I know that that’s the life I chose.” The video for “I Find It Hard” further showcases Iann’s plights on the road, as its black-and-white visual alludes to the highs and lows the 23-year-old constantly deals with.

Throwing money in the air, only time they really care

Everybody stop and stare, tell me what I wanna hear

Okay, life’s not fair, no, is it just the way I live?

I can’t tell, no, I don’t have a fuck to give

Time will tell though, oh (oh)

Chilling in the deep end, I keep gamblin’ with my life

Iann Dior — “I Find It Hard”

This is Dior’s second single following his sophomore album On To Better Things — releasing the high-velocity “Live Fast Die Numb” in June. The South Texas native also seems to be gearing up for another full-length release, as IM head honcho Taz Taylor has long-teased the sequel to his debut project nothings ever good enough.

While these two tracks are poised to wind up on his next album, for those close to Iann, “I Find It Hard” should be an instant wake up call to check-in on one of our generation’s most celebrated young superstars. Here’s hoping that Dior climbs out of this rut with the support of his family and friends to continue chasing his passion for years to come.

Check out Iann’s latest below!

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