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Jean Dawson is ‘SICK OF IT*’ ahead of upcoming album ‘CHAOS NOW*’

Try and box him in all you want, but Jean Dawson proves he’s unbound by genre, comparisons and sonic categories with his newest single “SICK OF IT*“.

Ahead of his sophomore album, CHAOS NOW* (Oct. 7), unpredictability is the name of the game for the alt-indie star — with Dawson’s previous two singles “PIRATE RADIO*” and “THREE HEADS*” similarly showing off his range in bringing his vivid musical concepts to life. Playing around with what people expect from an alternative rock or indie-rock track, the polymath is experimenting with genre conventions in a way that parks him in a lane of his own.

“SICK OF IT*” proves to be the standout of the singles he’s released ahead of his upcoming album. Kicking things off with a nostalgic, instrumental intro, it almost feels like we’re about to dive into a Foo Fighters song. He ebbs and flows between singing, chanting and outright yelling while the pop-punk sounds lift you off of your feet.

Thrashing guitar leads and upbeat drum patterns lead into more harmonious, acoustic-driven rhythms. The tonal shift is made all the more effective when considering what the song is really about, as Jean questions his identity, the expectations based upon that, and eventually celebrating the person that he chooses to be.

I’m sick of it, on the cliff

Nosedive, I’m the new black oblivion

Off the sh*t, over it

Live and die with my motherf*ckin’ happiness

“SICK OF IT*” — Jean Dawson

It’s incredibly evident that Dawson has an air-tight vision and is continuing to experiment with the sonic landscape in successful strides — perpetually enchanting audiences with his carefully-crafted ideas that he’s able to bring to reality. This is bolstered by his appearance on fellow alt-adjacent rapper Kenny Mason’s new record RUFFS, as the pair “NOSEDIVE” straight into a barrage of bars over bombastic, grunge-laced production.

CHAOS NOW* is dropping Oct. 7, and we thankfully have three singles to hold us down until its release date. It’s also worth dipping into Jean Dawson’s 2020 project Pixel Bath, especially the song “Triple Double” featuring A$AP Rocky.

Listen to “SICK OF IT*” below!