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KayCyy lifts spirits on ‘Godspeed’ with ryderoncrack, Redda

“I got something to say… who is he?”, KayCyy swiftly spits on the versatile “GODSPEED” — reigniting his signature dark and light sound on his latest “New Music Monday” effort (Dec. 6).

Assisted by ryderoncrack and Redda, the track is a cinematic immersion into the YZY Sound phenom’s one-of-a-kind vision. With talent beyond their years, the trio craft a two-part journey into KayCyy’s true artistic essence.

Ethereal, bombastic and otherwordly altogether, “GODSPEED” hits the hardest during KayCyy’s high-pitched hook, shouting out one of his idols, Michael Jackson, amid its levitating synths and swooning pad melodies. Redda seems to handle “GODSPEED’s” slow-building first half, as KayCyy croons “living on GODSPEED / living on god, I’m on the moon” — utilizing his vocal prowess to transport listeners to the “moon.”

Tearing off a barrage of bars on the track’s startling beat-switch, KayCyy and Ryder’s connection is apparent having worked together on a slew of tracks over the years. The enigmatic producer’s descending hi-hats and refined rage energy are synonymous to his sonic insignia.

This is where KayCyy flips a switch entirely, rapping with divine intent, “I had to jump on my dreams to make it realer / I had to jump out the stands and in front of the people” over blitzing choir-influenced production. Much like this performance, he’s been sharing tons of new cuts in recent weeks, most notably “760 Springs” with Johan Lenox and a new two-pack entitled Who Else Would It Be?

While exclusively released on SoundCloud, “GODSPEED” feels like an album cut in all aspects. Knowing the moment Who Is KayCyy? — which has subsequently taken years to perfect — will create for the young star, KayCyy continues to unleash small doses of his full power until his debut arrives.

Listen to “Godspeed” below!

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