KayCyy ignites ‘New Music Mondays’ with ‘760 Springs’

KayCyy is taking over airwaves every Monday from now on — jumpstarting his own version of Ye’s “Good Music Fridays” until his debut album, Who Is KayCyy?, drops.

Engaging with his fan base more than ever before, the YZY Sound star gave fans the choice to title his latest track, which ultimately was shared as “760 Springs” assisted by Johan Lenox. This isn’t Lenox and KayCyy’s first link-up, as the composer extraordinaire and Kenya-born enigma take listeners to another planet on their collaborative effort.

With ethereal crooning from KayCyy, Lenox’s staccato synths and distant, spacey melodies off-set the track’s simple trap drums. Abducting listeners into an iridescent abyss, KayCyy loosely sing-raps, “In a different city, I know you gonna be something… Palm Springs got you feeling better / Reset / No stress,” over Johan’s rather meditative soundscape. The duo prove to be a perfect pairing — seemingly creating sonic films every time they join forces. Each track always feels more grand and eccentric than the last, as KayCyy’s “760 Springs” looks to lead in other long-awaited cuts like “My Jeans.”

While TW20 50 with Gaseffelstein and Get Used To It bolstered KayCyy’s ascension in the new wave, his two-pack Who Else Would It Be is the latest step towards WIKC’s release. Striving to change the game in its entirety, KayCyy is on a mission to be unforgettable with much more music on the way. Here’s hoping KayCyy keeps up with New Music Mondays warming up fans for his eventual debut.

Listen to “760 Springs” below!

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