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KayCyy unleashes two new tracks on ‘Who Else Would It Be’

Who else other than KayCyy would make their long-awaited debut more grandiose? Ahead of Who Is KayCyy?, the YZY Sound star continues to create worlds with his new two-pack, Who Else Would It Be.

Holding singles in “I Love Myself” and the experimental “Who Else Would It Be,” KayCyy has evidently reached a “Breaking Point” in his young career. Preparing to unleash a slew of vaulted songs over the course of November, his delayed debut LP is poised to be the peak of his elevated artistry — teasing the project since working on DONDA last summer.

Nevertheless, WEWIB provides a deeper look into KayCyy’s nuanced lens despite its length. Letting his emotions bleed through each performance, the title track is tribal, bombastic and grimy — littered with aggressive bars that catch with infectious metallic drums. It sounds fit for a high-speed chase, almost as if KayCyy’s Afro-clad sound, found on Ups & Downs, was supercharged with a cinematic score.

The melted cadences on “I Love Myself” make way for drawled, emotive crooning that lives in the ebbs-and-flows of the hook. His ethereal, raspy vocals shine yet again, backed by simple piano keys, vocal chops and a heightened trap bounce. The video is equally as enticing, as warmth and color crowd KayCyy’s creative vision throughout. Ultimately, he possesses a care and control in his work that’s one-of-one, prevalent in his artistic intention to never be forgotten. While WEWIB is another appetizer for the “fewture,” his best has truly yet to come.

“By the time it’s album time, the whole world will be aware,” he said on Twitter, endlessly building up WIKC’s hype with loose singles and small packs this year. “Too much music for me not to feed y’all, sorry I been holdin out,” he wrote in another post.

Additionally, the 24-year-old rapper’s unreleased gem “My Jeans” has been widely tossed around on social media, as fans continue to beg for the track’s imminent release. KayCyy has also openly posted partnership talks with denim company Wrangler to promote the song. Whenever it does release, though, KayCyy’s hold on the culture — and his desire to push it forward — will reach another breaking point in itself.

Previous projects in TW20 50 with Gaseffelstein and Get Used To It bolstered his ascension in the new wave. Yet Who Is KayCyy? is perceived to change the game in its entirety. Still months away from his debut, KayCyy knows that the time is “NOWR” — not “SOONR” — to strike the culture at its core.

Listen to ‘WEWIB’ below!

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