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Key Glock joins Denzel Curry for ‘Walkin’ remix

Denzel Curry‘s latest album Melt My Eyez, See Your Future has been widely labeled as one of 2022’s best hip-hop albums thus far. His first of three promotional singles “Walkin” was initially what drew most fans towards Zel’s revitalized era — and now, Curry’s taking another shot with Key Glock on the track’s remix.

Four months since releasing “Walkin” as his album’s lead single, Zel recruits the Memphis icon following his 30-song deluxe for his Yellow Tape 2 project. Along with kicking off the rollout to the deluxe of MMESYF, “Walkin’s” strong narrative and fiery wordplay over harmonious, yet explosive production is a perfect reintroduction to Zel’s latest effort.

On the remix, which lasts a minute shorter than the original version, Denzel kicks off the song immediately from the second portion after the thrilling beat switch in the original cut. Discarding of the first jazzy part from the album version allows Curry to cut right to the chase, and usher Key Glock in after the second rendition of the “Keep on walkin’, ain’t no stoppin'” hook.

Glock’s cutthroat verse adds another dimension to “Walkin,” where he asserts that he ran instead of walked as an infant, and explains how he tends to unleash his inner beast when necessary, rapping “y’all know I’ma dog but I still go ape.”

Zel first announced their collaboration on Twitter with a pair of meme-worthy photos of him and Glock invading each other’s album covers and music video shots.

The audio version of the song uploaded to YouTube sees a concert where both Curry and Key Glock grace the stage, bringing their chemistry on the track to life.

Hopefully the rest of the MMESYF deluxe consists of collaborations as fulfilling as this one, as Denzel continues to demonstrate he can make great music with artists from all corners of hip-hop.

Check out the “Walkin” remix below!