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Lancey Foux stuns on final ‘LIH’ single ‘SPIRIT OF X2C’

Lancey Foux is pushing the culture forward whether you realize it or not.

While known for his dizzying array of piercing synths and atmospheric melodies that incite mosh-pits on first listen, the East London-bred star’s long-awaited album, LIFE IN HELL, looks to contain something more than a typical rage soundscape.

Not one to go for the norm, Foux’s perseverance and creativity is evident on his new track “SPIRIT OF X2C” — the final single ahead of LIH. Slowing things down for a beautiful, melancholic ballad about the “spirit of love,” Lancey flips the script on “SPIRIT OF X2C,” offsetting the album’s previous high-energy singles in “Lancey Or Lancey” and “All Night Long.”

Driven by a soft, contemplative piano and ethereal crooning from Foux, with background vocals from Benjamin Saint Ford, Jahmere Williams Wright and Lance Omal, Lancey looks to be curating a moment for himself on LIH. “I’m trying to really push the sound. That’s why I get people like 070 Shake and Lancey because they always want to try new shit,” close collaborator KayCyy told us at Lollapalooza, further alluding to the influence he and Lancey are striving to cultivate as boundless creatives — constantly thinking outside the box.

Touring his forthcoming album alongside Joony and Dom Corleo on his “Life In Hell Tour this past month, Foux also spoke on the record in our OGM exclusive interview last June, saying that LIFE IN HELL is all about understanding “life’s balance.” Set to contain 21 tracks, Foux looks to showcase a comparative perspective on the good and bad life ultimately presents.

“I think that [life] is definitely a game… because life is good. But it’s perceived to be bad, hot, evil, black… nothing good happens. How can we not see that we are living our life in hell? I’m showing you a juxtaposition between the two because you need to understand life’s balance. Even my name means balance. Lance is in balance.”

Lancey Foux to OGM

Although the album was supposed to drop in late 2021 — replaced by the rage-inducing LIVE.EVIL LIFE IN HELL is poised to lift Lancey’s artistic reverence to new heights.

Check back here for LIFE IN HELL on Oct. 28.

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Watch “SPIRIT OF X2C” below!

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