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‘Unc and Phew’ Takeoff on Quavo-assisted cut ‘Hotel Lobby’

It’s been a while since we’ve seen both Quavo and Takeoff in action together.

Although Quavo recently dropped his stellar solo single “Shooters Inside My Crib” in January — and Takeoff linked with beloved frequent collaborator Rich the Kid for their single “Crypto” in May — they have not been on a track together since Migos‘ collaborative effort “We Set The Trends” with Jim Jones in December 2021.

However, that all changed Friday (May 20) when the duo released their new single “Hotel Lobby.” Quavo, who is Takeoff’s uncle, and his nephew dropped the song under the artist name “Unc and Phew,” forming a duo carved out of the original Migos trio.

Over the sharply produced instrumental from Murda Beatz, which contains a loop of elegant strings from either a sitar or the Chinese instrument the Guzheng, the “Migo gunners out the jungle” unleash trademark flows.

Takeoff opens the tracks with eye-opening bars about his girl mixing drugs when she goes out and hunting to make his own mink coat, which Quavo follows up with an equally impressive verse that’s sandwiched by his hook about his jewelry and lavish vacations.

Chrome Hearts wallet, smoke my product, take three vibes to the tropics (Tropics)

N***a wasn’t shit, I was outside just servin’ narcotics (Narcotics, woo)

Pass me that stick, n***a make one wrong move, just pop him (Pop him, brrt)

Blame it on bro with a hoe flooded out in the hotel lobby (Flooded)

“Hotel Lobby” — Quavo, Takeoff

In the song’s music video, the two are seen scrambling to hide their money and drugs while tripping on shrooms at a Las Vegas hotel. While their drive through the desert to get there was smooth-sailing, the drugs hit them just as the sun went down.

This newly-formed duo has made some waves already by only putting out one song together, due to Offset’s perceived reaction to the news. Offset, the third Migo, and his wife Cardi B both unfollowed Quavo and Takeoff on Instagram this week. Fans believe this signals a potential break-up of the Migos, less than a year after completing their Culture album trilogy in Summer 2021.

While this split is not confirmed by any of the three Migos, it will be interesting to see how far the “Unc and Phew” duo take their musical endeavors, and if Migos will ever reunite in the future.

In the meantime, check out “Hotel Lobby” below!