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redveil hits a spree with new single ‘giftbag’

redveil continues to gift fans with a signature sound all his own.

The Maryland native shared his first song of the year “giftbag” on Wednesday (March 22), and it’s yet another potent display of his hit-making prowess. The new track comes off the back of “2daside” in December 2022, as both carefree cuts ultimately lead in an upcoming album from the 18-year-old star.

Responding to a fan who hoped “giftbag” and “2daside” would be part of his next full-length release, redveil simply tweeted “duh” — as if a forthcoming LP wasn’t already obvious. veil’s “Water 2 Fire Tour” in April is sure to bring forth stunning performances of his sophomore album, learn 2 swim, and perhaps more new music off his third project.

“Besides ‘giftbag,’ I have my own small project coming out this Spring. The only thing I’ll say about that – every song on there will be extremely fun to perform.”

Redveil via Rolling Stone India

On “giftbag,” redveil’s infectiously sung ad-libs instantly bring you in, tearing off a melodic hook that stays stuck on repeat. “N**a get off my dick, then get out my gift bag,” he sing-raps with his commanding deep-toned vocals, floating over whimsical phone booth keys, sauntering sample chops, punchy kicks and sporadic sliding 808s. Self-produced by redveil, his voice really takes centerstage on “giftbag,” interpolating melodies whilst tearing off a fiery verse about people reaping his rewards without aid.

“I’ma turn up the degree (Hey)

Then blow like I’m walking with hеat

Said he ain’t see no motion, ain’t talking to me

Niggas imposter to mе

Know they standing him up, bruh he not on his feet (Bitch)

I been too sharp, I can see

I been cranking the raps, I been cranking the beats

So that 100% come to me, like”

Redveil — “giftbag”

The single’s narrative music video further illustrates redveil’s underlying message. Tyler Shuler, the director behind “giftbag,” explained a few important aspects of the vsiual treatment, more specifically the significance of the men in the black hoods, or “parasites” to veil’s success.

“It’s really about the fruits of his labor,” Shuler said. “There’s a fruit basket, literally, that the [parasites] are taking from him. We wanted to portray them as a demonic characters — these aren’t the people you’re supposed to be around. They’re eating off of anything Veil gets before he even has the chance. Even at the end when he burns the house down, it shows that he would rather have nothing than have the wrong people in his circle eating off his plate.”

Amid the track’s release, redveil is also set to lend a guest verse to JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown’s joint album, SCARING THE HOES, VOL. 1, on Friday (March 24). While learn 2 swim was a creative ascension altogether for the rising emcee last year — reasserting his refined versatility as a dual threat talent — “giftbag” and “2daside” are equally as strong as they are undeniable.

Here’s hoping veil blesses fans with that third album once “Water 2 Fire” simmers in May.

Watch “giftbag” below!

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