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JPEGMAFIA, Danny Brown share ‘SCARING THE HOES’ off forthcoming joint LP

Within a few verses of their collaborative album Scaring The Hoes, Vol. 1, it’s clear that JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown are living up to their project’s audacious name.

Set to release this Friday (March 24), Peggy and Brown’s unabashed chemistry is at the forefront of the record’s allure — further fleshing out the project with its title track “SCARING THE HOES” on Tuesday (March 21).

The JPEG-produced lead single “LEAN BEEF PATTY” plays itself like an eerie and irreverent midnight rave led by two of hip-hop’s most characteristic emcees — all while feeling like the perfect prelude to the laced insanity that is to follow. It’s hard to truly inspect just what kinds of erratic vibes that will seep through the album’s 14 tracks, with the recent — and only — additional feature on the album being graced by one of our generation’s brightest stars, redveil.

The emphatic bass lines and sample-fueled anarchy within “LEAN BEEF PATTY” gives them a loose path to spit freely and with reckless abandon, which is a rare feat that makes this musical fusion between the two all the more exciting. It’s as impressive as it is hilarious to see satirical jabs that JPEG fits into his scorching, culturally poignant verse where he references everything from the WWE’s controversial history to his own past work. “F*ck a bar / I don’t f*ck with you n****s like I’m Hulk Hogan (Wait),” JPEG raps.

On “SCARING THE HOES,” quirky violin strings and ceaseless claps hover beneath their verses. A lively crash drum break and rumbling 808s scratch the surface of the duo’s eclectic sound. “Stop scaring the hoes,” Peggy and Brown echo over one another, as the track’s high velocity yet droning melody inject an energy perfect for summertime festival moshes.

Fittingly, the pair officially announced their joint album on episode 43 of The Danny Brown Show, with the comment section littered with fans’ reactions to “LEAN BEEF PATTY” and garnered plenty excitement. The playful and vulnerable bond that the two share on this podcast is already translated on their forthcoming LP stemming from its two lead tracks.

The immense anticipation that’s been drummed up on the rap spaces on Twitter and other platforms is hard to ignore, as the conceptual nature behind this project almost reads like a hip-hop head’s wet dream. Thankfully, both JPEG and Brown are keenly aware of this, looking to double down on their dual-wielded appeal on SCARING THE HOES, VOL. 1 this week.

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Listen to “SCARING THE HOES” below!

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