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JPEGMAFIA releases 5-track ‘Offline!’ EP of songs that were not cleared for recent album

When forward-thinking, electronic/hip-hop producer, rapper and singer JPEGMAFIA released his October studio album LP!, he asserted that it would be his final album, at least for a while as he was feeling “burnt out.”

The album contained 18 songs, including three 2020 singles in “BALD!,” “BALD!” remix with Denzel Curry and “CUTIE PIE!“However, the self-sufficient Peggy has always gone against the grain, and, at the time, decided to provide an alternate experience of the album that was not as publicized.

There were five songs for the project that he could not earn sample clearances for, so he released the “Offline!” version of the LP! album on his Bandcamp and YouTube accounts — replacing the three aforementioned singles with the five tracks he originally intended.

Now, as it seems he has gotten the ability to drop his beloved five extra songs on digital streaming platforms, he has compiled them into an EP, dropping Offline! EP on Feb. 24.

Fans can now immerse themselves in the full experience of, potentially, JPEGMAFIA’s last project with songs like “100 Emoji!” and “Hazard Duty Pay!,” which he put on DSPs the day before (Feb. 23) as a single.

These five additional songs follow the same eclectic and versatile trends as the bulk of the LP! does — which fans should be thrilled about. The more the merrier, especially when it comes to the quality of music Peggy puts out consistently.

JPEG particularly balls out on songs from Offline! EP like “Hazard Duty Pay!” with basketball-themed allusions like “Industry lies never line up on screen (Facts) / Peggy keep scoring, I feel like the Dream” and the second song “Dikembe!

Tap in to JPEGMAFIA’s new EP ‘Offline!’ below!