redveil shares ‘pg baby’ visual off new album ‘learn 2 swim’

After a lengthy and bountiful rollout, redveil‘s third album has finally arrived.

Boasting features from close collaborators in Sam Truth, Fly takin, Ovrkaast., Mekdelwit and Renaissance Mic, learn 2 swim contains 12 songs spanning 36 minutes. Released on April 20, redveil’s 18th birthday, every song features production solely by the supremely talented teenager, much like his 2020 breakout LP, Niagara.

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Listen to ‘learn 2 swim’ by redveil below!

redveil drops ‘eighteen’ video ahead of new album ‘learn 2 swim’

PG County native redveil’s upcoming full-length project learn 2 swim is set to come out on a Wednesday (April 20) — unorthodox for the modern method of dropping on New Music Friday. Taking the road less traveled, Veil decided this because he wants to release the project on his 18th birthday on April 20, which happens to land on a Wednesday this year.

Ahead of this huge milestone, the teenage rap sensation released a short video on YouTube on April 6 simply titled “eighteen.”

The video features words of advice from some of revel’s older rap idols and peers. Wordsmiths like Mavi, Denzel Curry, Saba, Rich Brian and Femdot all give considerate words of wisdom about what they wish they knew when they were 18 and something they were glad they knew at that age while a soft piano plays in the background.

To further prepare for ‘learn 2 swim,’ which is tow weeks away, check out “eighteen” below!

redveil announces new album ‘learn 2 swim’ set to drop on April 20

Ever since the November release of his first promotional single “04,” the lyrical teenager redveil has been working diligently towards his forthcoming album.

After dropping two more singles in March with “diving board” and “better,” veil finally felt prepared to reveal the finish line to his fans. On Thursday (March 31), redveil announced that his newest album learn 2 swim will release on April 20.

With a colorfully painted cover art depicting him engulfed by a body of water, learn 2 swim will be redveil’s third full-length project.

Accompanying this announcement, redveil dropped a brief, 37 second trailer for the album on his YouTube channel, showcasing how all the art on his wall tells a story, with some of them being the cover arts for hs respective pre-released singles.

redveil’s new era is now less than three weeks away, as his maturity level seems to grow with each new release.

Read about “better” by redveil and Sam Truth below!

redveil connects with Sam Truth for ‘better’ ahead of new album ‘learn 2 swim’

If you are an avid fan of eccentric West Coast rap group AG Club, you’re likely familiar with their frequent collaborator Sam Truth, who appeared three times as a feature on their April 2021 album F**k Your Expectations PT. 1. Among those tracks, “TRUTH” with redveil was a highlight from the project, linking back up with them on FYE PT. 2 a few weeks later for “WAR CRIMES.”

redveil and AG Club have always had a close relationship, as they’ll both join Denzel Curry‘s upcoming “Melt My Eyes” summer U.S. tour. It seems the AG Club posse introducing him to Sam Truth sparked a fruitful relationship, as veil united with him for his new song “better” (March 30) — the second single off his upcoming album learn 2 swim (April 20).

“better” sees redveil employ crashing drums and cymbals on the instrumental, similar to many of his hits from his breakout 2020 album Niagara. Introduced by woozy, soulful piano keys — much like his previous single “diving board” — the beat with a subtle zipping melody caters wonderfully to veil’s striking bars.

The smoothly sung “take it, take it, take it from me” chorus offered by Sam Truth sandwiches a lengthy, at times romantic, lyrically intense singular verse from redveil, where he offers wisdom about appreciating those who are down to earth.

I know what I’m living would once resemble a fable

But I could live without all the flashing and cut the cable

No pain to remain in my truth

Never been vain or cut as the same as these lames and I knew

That when them veins extend that growing pain apart of the language

“better” — redveil featuring Sam Truth

In the visuals for “better,” Sam Truth and redveil both lay down in the grass and reflect, while veil also looks his significant other in the eye and raps his passionate verse to her. All of these singles see redveil elevate his skillset and improve upon the already great songwriting he presented all throughout Niagara.

Check out “better” by redveil below!


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