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redveil shares ‘mars’ visual off April album ‘learn 2 swim’

After a lengthy and bountiful rollout, redveil‘s latest album finally arrived on April 20.

Boasting features from close collaborators in Sam Truth, Fly takin, Ovrkaast., Mekdelwit and Renaissance Mic, learn 2 swim contains 12 songs spanning 36 minutes. Released on his 18th birthday, every song features production solely by the supremely talented teenager, much like his 2020 breakout LP, Niagara.

Since the album’s release, veil has added three music videos to the project in “pg baby,” “shoulder” and now, most recently on Sep. 28, “mars.” As the album’s fifth video overall, considering the “diving board” and “better” visuals came out as pre-released singles, “mars” sees redveil continuously flip-flop between a calming fishing trip and hectic scenes of a fatal hospital visit.

With a colorfully painted cover art depicting him engulfed by a body of water, learn 2 swim is redveil’s third full-length project. Delivering a cohesive set of themes, color palettes and production styles, the learn 2 swim campaign from redveil has been his most impressive to date.

This process began with its impeccably executed promotional releases “diving board” and “better,” where the latter saw veil unite with Sam Truth over crashing drums and cymbals on the instrumental, similar to many of his hits from his breakout 2020 album Niagara. Introduced by woozy, soulful piano keys — much like the lead single — the beat with a subtle zipping melody caters wonderfully to veil’s striking bars.

The smoothly sung “take it, take it, take it from me” chorus offered by Sam Truth sandwiches a lengthy, at times romantic, lyrically intense singular verse from redveil, where he offers wisdom about appreciating those who are down to earth.

I know what I’m living would once resemble a fable

But I could live without all the flashing and cut the cable

No pain to remain in my truth

Never been vain or cut as the same as these lames and I knew

That when them veins extend that growing pain apart of the language

“better” — redveil featuring Sam Truth

On all fronts, learn 2 swim sees redveil improve in every aspect, whether it be visually or conceptually. Elevating his skillset and improving upon the already great songwriting and artistic vision, it would be fascinating to see how he would look to improve his approach moving forward.

Check out ‘learn 2 swim’ by redveil below!

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