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skaiwater keeps the ‘RAVE’ going with new single ‘molli’

The party doesn’t stop for skaiwater.

The UK phenom, whose debut project rave incited thrills through the lens of pop-draped Jersey Club, is back with their first offering of 2023.

Aptly titled “molli” (Aug. 18), skai hits the dance floor for another iridescent performance, as stuttering guerrilla visuals complement their knack for entrancing melodies that catch ever-so-quickly. Frantic yet soothing arrangements soar beneath the track’s sliding synths, as the new wave innovator explores and challenges ideas about chemistry, reality and perception all at once.

“Can I be honest? I’m losing my mind

And it’s no pill to pop for me to buy back time

All of those feelings I lost, that brain’s not mine”

Skaiwater — “molli”

While Skaiwater has had a relatively quiet year, they look to bolster past efforts like “clair” with adjacent singer-rapper midwxst along with hit tracks like “#miles,” “eyes” and “two” moving forward. Connecting with Destin Laurel for the “auto” remix in March, Skai’s connection and collaborations with Lil Nas X and Lil Uzi Vert initially vaulted them into the spotlight.

With aspirations of becoming a Drake-level artist, the London-bred multihyphenate looks to double down on their talents — contributing to PinkPantheress’ upcoming project, which is due out later this year.

Like waves crashing, skaiwater’s prominence is reinforced by their wilingness for left-of-center melodies, especially on “molli.”

Check out “molli” below!

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