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midwxst, skaiwater shine on club collab ‘clair’

A track over six months in the making, midwxst and skaiwater made magic with their latest underground collaboration “clair” (May 5).

The lowercase-clad phenoms not only collide on the infectious Jersey club cut, but further ensure their journey towards mainstream prominence. Edgar, who’s received major industry looks amid collabs with Denzel Curry and the NFL, is in the midst of prepping to rollout his proper debut album, E3, while skaiwater is still riding the wave of his debut project, rave. Midwxst has shared a slew of tracks on his archive account since his last project Back In Action 3.0, with “clair” acting as his most recent addition.

Aside from their solo endeavors — and shimmering yet differing soundscapes — this link-up was well worth the wait. Ed and Skai’s infectious, gritty and dynamic effort sees each of them uphold their greatest strength: Track presence. While Edgar commands a groovy yet sensual hook, “if I’m being honest, no one f**ks you like I do,” skaiwater’s transporting verse inherently captivates and demands attention. His signature “oh my god” ad-lib incites goosebumps just as it did all over rave, as the pair keep tempo with ceasless kick drums, electro ad-libs, airy synths and Jersey’s signature snap bounce that act as the backbone for “clair.”

Produced by Rio Levya, Thankyouwill, Elxnce as well midwxst and skaiwater, the 20-something ravers find solace in each other’s sound, with Edgar leaning into more of Skai’s club bag than his typical hyperpop-rap fusion. However, midwxst’s knack for melody is always worn on his sleeve, as skaiwater matches his energy near flawlessly on the back end.

The “clair” visual, directed by Tommy Killjoy, is encapsulated by grey skies, strobe lights, rooftop flexes and, of course, on-beat quick cuts. There’s a moment of clarity in the disheveled basement that feels like a haunted house, transitioning to an overgrowth-covered red railing and a concrete stairwell (giving dreary London vibes if I might add). It feels all too familiar for the underground savants, displaying their raw roots as DIY multihyphenates — i.e. producer, singer, rapper — and rising superstars alike.

It was already impossible for either midwxst or skaiwater to miss. Them teaming up on “clair” only doubles the firepower.

Check out “clair” below!

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