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Midwxst ignites ‘new era’ on latest SoundCloud offering ‘distraction’

Midwxst is trying his best to not let any “distraction” cloud his mind.

His latest track — a surprise SoundCloud-only release shared on Friday (Nov. 11) — looks to lead in the Indiana star’s “new era” ahead of his proper full-length debut. “Distraction” proves to be all energy and nothing less, as 19-year-old hyperpop-rap sensation continues to prove that he is a cut above the new wave’s most seasoned members.

Despite just sharing a new SoundCloud tape, sorry4thewait, on his burner account, Wxst’s rapid rate of release is a testament to his creative process. He’s never taken time off from dropping — letting the music be more than a good distraction from life’s woes.

His new effort touts his now-signature guitar melodies that weave into the chaos of “distraction’s” heavily-distorted production. “It’s truly not a surprise, to see you with another man or a guy / you can’t replace but I know you try,” he sing-raps with a cadence that melts away with love-torn candor — reasserting Wxst’s forlorn, emotive soundscape as one of the new wave’s top dogs.

Amid energetic singles in “slide den” (Oct. 8) and “Suicide” with DC The Don, Wxst’s final few weeks of his joint tour with Dro Kenji is still in full swing. With his debut album on the way, Midwxst proves yet again that no “distraction” can deter him from greatness.

Listen to “distraction” below!

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