Bankrol Hayden speaks for many, screaming ‘F— Love’ in new single, video

While love can be a truly heart-wrenching thing, it has inspired generations of artists to bear their souls without remorse — making for some of the most timeless subject matter humankind has created.

We’ve seen plenty of tracks come from the beauty and utter ugliness of love. For instance, one of the most streamed songs ever is “F**k Love” by XXXETNACION and Trippie Redd. The Kid Laroi’s last three albums were called F*CK LOVE, F*CK LOVE (SAVAGE) and F*CK LOVE 3+: OVER, as love will always be a central theme for art to flourish.

Bankrol Hayden is on love’s bad side lately, as the 20-year-old rapper trades in his lively, uplifting sound for an emotional portrait of pain and heartbreak on his new single “F**k Love.”

On Bankrol Hayden’s latest effort, he slows things down over a soothing guitar instrumental — letting his true feelings take over the track. Throughout the song, Hayden discusses the troubles and difficulties that go into a long distance relationship, as he calmly harmonizes about knowing deep down that it wouldn’t work out due to his current lifestyle — and internal fear that no one will love him for him.

So I go away

We live miles apart

Wе knew this from the start

So I’ll go, can’t stay

I can’t change who you arе

You knew this from the start

Bankrol Hayden – “F**k Love”

In the accompanying visual for “F**k Love,” fans find tons of gloomy facial expressions from Hayden. Over the duration of the video, Hayden is seen chilling by his lonely and with a girl, who is majorly on and off with him. However, when Hayden and this girl are together, there is an obvious disconnect between the two, as they are seen not talking and often looking in opposite directions. On a brighter note, the video concludes with Hayden showing up at her house in hopes of fixing things.

Although he is still at cusp of his career, Bankrol Hayden has proven himself as serious musical talent with an overload of versatility. The young talent has only dropped singles since his 2020 album Pain is Temporary, and there truly hasn’t been a bad song he’s put out yet.

While Bankroll Hayden continues to test his artistic craft and musical skillset, expect plenty of new music and a possible full-length project in the near future.

Stream and watch “F**k Love” below!


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