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BIGBABYGUCCI stays ‘Isolated’ on featureless sequel

North Carolina rapper BIGBABYGUCCI is one of the hardest working up-and-comers in the game, dropping new hits on an almost weekly basis.

His latest release, Isolated 2, is a 10-track EP which was originally exclusive to SoundCloud, coming to all digital streaming platforms a week later. While known for his rage-inducing sound, BIGBABYGUCCI opts to fly solo on most of his projects, taking the same approach on this featureless LP with a variety of deliveries and instrumentals.

Pushing the boundaries of rage-rap even further, GUCCI proves that he is capable of producing a quantity of tracks with multiple sounds. His autotune-infused vocals fit over both mellow and aggressive tracks alike, giving a surprising amount of variety for an album with no features. On early, energetic highlights like “SSSSSEX,” “BAD VIBES” and “PARTY PACK,” BBG continues to showcase his prowess as a budding lyricist.

Adding features from 2KBABY and Kevin Powers, GUCCI releases his Isolated sequel on Spotify and Apple Music via his self-founded label Better Temperatures.

Throughout the year, BIGBABYGUCCI fed his fans well with three albums prior to his latest one. Iridesense, Soda & Syrup and his most recent SUMMER OF REVENGE each took his sound to the next level as he relentlessly shares new music on both SoundCloud and streaming platforms.

As BIGBABYGUCCI continues to evolve as an artist who creates for the sake of the art, we will continue to enjoy his consistently enjoyable drops. With the year coming to a close, fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for any last-minute drops from BBG.

Check out ‘Isolated 2’ by BIGBABYGUCCI below!

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