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Bighead, Kodak Black, Swifty Blue link up on ‘Swap For A Swap’

Both arriving during the same mid-2010s SoundCloud era, Bighead and Kodak Black have been dominant forces since their blow-ups. With Bighead landing producing placements for stars like NBA YoungBoy, Lil Peep and Lil Pump, and Kodak surely being one of the most adored and influential artists of his generation, it comes as a surprise that their paths have never crossed.

On Sept. 9 though, this finally changed. Thanks to blossoming West Coast artist Swifty Blue, Yak and Bighead finally connected for the new track “Swap For A Swap.” Over the clunky yet melodic instrumental provided by Bighead, Kodak dominates the first minute and a half of the song.

I pull up vert, I’m tryna pop a n***a top

That Draco hitting’ like Obama go Barack

They know what the f**k goin on everybody know how we rock

Another sold out show another body dropped

“Swap For A Swap” — Swifty Blue featuring Kodak Black & Bighead

When Swifty comes in after Kodak’s masterful first verse, the duo proceed to go back-and-forth for the rest of the song, describing why their philosophy is an eye for an eye.

It’s double S, this Swifty Blue this f**k the other side

This mafia business, the Souther side not the other side

I told Yak if that”s your opp fosho he gotta die

“Swap For A Swap” – Swifty Blue featuring Kodak Black & Bighead

With this being each of their first collaborations with one another, it’s clear they did not waste any time establishing chemistry. Along with pledging allegiance to each other from the get-go, Kodak and Swifty Blue both went to work on a stunning beat from Bighead.

Check out “Swap For A Swap” below!