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KILLKODY & Bighead aim for ‘Top Rank’ on new single

Cleveland’s own KILLKODY and beloved collaborator and SoundCloud icon Bighead have been on quite a tear to start 2022.

Although KILLKODY has only put out a handful of singles on digital streaming platforms since the year started, they all feature grandiose production from “Bighead on the beat.” Whether it be early February’s “Xybergoth” or “Backend” in March with Lil Tracy, KODY and Bighead’s chemistry continues to grow exponentially with each passing track.

For their most recent collaboration, though, the duo stuck to the basics. On “Top Rank,” which dropped on Friday (April 29), Bighead’s modest yet impactful trap production allows for KODY’s composed, yet menacing flow to shine.

Over the haunting instrumental that utilizes an infectious string loop, KODY fills the gap between his “I took this sh*t to a whole other level” hook at the start and finish of the song with a confident singular verse about the women in his life and how he is always strapped with a weapon.

Book me, gotta book the stick

She try to take pics with the stick

I just, walked in with the stick

Everywhere I go, you know I got my sh*t

I’m Top Rank doin’ politics

I’m Top Rank doin’ politics

“Top Rank” — KILLKODY, Bighead

With each release, it is evident how comfortable KILLKODY is getting with rapping over Bighead’w beats, especially since Big certainly seems to know which sounds favor KODY best.

As this exciting rapper-producer combo continues to excel, check out “Top Rank” by KILLKODY and Bighead below!