Buddy releases sophomore album ‘Superghetto’

Nearly four years after his debut album, Compton-born wordsmith Buddy has finally made his long-awaited return.

His brand new album Superghetto, released on March 25, sees him expound upon the vintage West Coast raps and rugged approach he embraced on his 2018 debut. With brilliant cover art, a blissful promotional single with fellow Californian Blxst and a thrilling track list, Buddy is poised for success with Superghetto‘s release.

The album, which lasts around 32 minutes, features 10 total cuts with guests in T-Pain, Ari Lennox and Tinashe, on top of “Wait Too Long” with Blxst. When discussing the project with Sway in the Morning, Buddy spoke on how Superghetto differs from his last album Harlan & Alondra, which was an intimate, personal project about the neighborhood he was raised in.

“It’s about the essence of growing up in the ghetto. It’s a location, but everywhere got a ghetto. It’s less about where you came from, but the energy around it and how you carry yourself around the world and everybody has to conform and come into your world and your vibe.”

Buddy to Sway In The Morning

It’s clear Buddy’s aim is to connect his worldview to his other fans’ mindsets from around the globe, and Superghetto is sure to be an optimal way to achieve that.

Stream Buddy’s new album below!

Buddy connects with Blxst for ‘Wait Too Long’ ahead of March album release

Slick, extravagant Compton rapper Buddy has been sorely missed by the hip-hop community over the past couple years.

His most recent project came in the form of his breakout Summer 2018 debut album Harlan & Alondra, and its subsequent February 2019 deluxe, as he passionately and smoothly depicts his hometown community and the neighborhood he grew up in.

Nearly four years later, after putting out a handful of singles and collaborating with R&B artists like Tinashe, Lucky Daye and Jazz Cartier in 2020 and 2021, Buddy is back. On Feb. 16, he united with fellow Los Angeles native and rising sensational vocalist Blxst for their new single “Wait Too Long.”

On the song, Buddy and Blxst come together for a sensual, relationship-fueled anthem geared towards their desire for a significant other. And, evidently, they have a lot to say. As Blxst provides a harmonious “don’t make me wait too long” hook and sleek middle verse, Buddy handles the first and third verses hoping to convince the woman he has an eye on that she means more to him than his hoes.

Ayy, the clock tickin’, the plot thickens, I’m not trippin’

I got bitches, you got niggas, we not different

Feel me? I got hoes, but not really

Wonder where the time goes when you not with me

Yeah, you’re top ten, we should lock in

Hop in, baby, let me show you that I’m not playin’

“Wait Too Long” — Buddy featuring Blxst

In the visuals for “Wait Too Long,” Buddy’s charisma and swagger manifest into a thorough story that chronicles his efforts to get his girl. As she plays hard to get, he ends up empty handed when all is said and done, questioning what went wrong.

Along with this single, Buddy has announced his sophomore follow up to Harlan & Alondra titled Superghetto, set to release on March 25. Superghetto will also contain his 2020 racial justice-fueled single “Black 2,” which is a more demanding sequel of its predecessor “Black” with A$AP Ferg from the debut album.

Buddy and Blxst give hip-hop/R&B fans a great deal of hope for their futures, as their undeniable talent manifests on this new cut.

Check out “Wait Too Long” by Buddy and Blxst below!


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