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Chance the Rapper connects with Vic Mensa for ‘Wraith (Writing Exercise #3)’

Chance the Rapper has been sounding more inspired and revitalized than ever since the start of 2022.

Whether it be his February guest verse on Supa Bwe‘s “ACAB” with redveil and 7000 or his recent promotional single “Child of God” from March, Chano from 79th’s rapping and subject matter have been much more focused and mature — seemingly reigniting the spark in his pen.

Along with these commercial releases, Chance has also been indulging in “Writing Exercises” as of late, where he shares verses he’s written to continue to hone his craft. The first “Writing Exercise” lasted only 43 seconds and featured portions of a verse from he and fellow Chicagoan Vic Mensa where they rap about “slapping capitalists” and fighting for social justice. The second “Writing Exercise” was much more expansive, as he dropped a two and a half minute rhyming exhibition on April 4.

Now, Chance is back with the third rendition of this unique series, recruiting Vic Mensa once more to join him. “Wraith (Writing Exercise #3)” was released on last week (May 11) accompanied by a music video, where the duo kick it in the studio and take a trip to Target.

Prior collaborations between Chance and Vic like 2012’s 10 Day track “Family,” Acid Rap smash-hit “Cocoa Butter Kisses” and 2021’s “Shelter” have all garnered fruitful results, and that is no different on “Wraith.”

Over the simplistic trap beat, Vic opens the song with a verse about the “stars in the roof” of his Wraith, ushering in an energetic, compelling verse from Chance that transitions from flexes about his luxury car and wealth to his efforts to “open the prisons” and free wrongfully incarcerated Black Americans.

While promoting the song on Instagram, Chance mentioned that if he got enough comments under the post, he would release the song on digital streaming platforms.

Chance and Vic are each in similar positions in their careers, hoping their pens can help them achieve the same notoriety they once had early on. With another album on the horizon, Chance seems as motivated as ever to return to form.

Check out “Wraith (Writing Exercise #3)” below!