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Chance the Rapper makes grand return with ‘Child of God’ single

While Chance the Rapper has always been well known for his religious, gospel inspirations and Christianity-driven verses on tracks like Kanye West‘s TLOP intro “Ultralight Beam” and Justin Bieber‘s Justice single “Holy,” it is actually quite rare he inserts this into his solo music… Until now.

Chance is pedal to the metal on his return to the limelight, hoping to reclaim his vital role in hip-hop that his official debut album The Big Day saw him relinquish. On March 25, he took the first step towards resurrecting his career with a brand new single “Child of God.”

“Child of God” sees the Chicago emcee put on a lyrical clinic over a mild piano beat, all the more useful for showcasing Chance’s elite bars. Some of his finest rhymes come during the first verse, where he rattles off basketball references effortlessly.

I try to break shackles, now they ankles in shambles

I can’t expect them to be grateful and thankful

They thought I had a manual like Hansel

Leave your plans in Mans hands and it gets manhandled

Dancin’ in the street, but I didn’t panhandle

When I finally drop, make a pamphlet

Sell tickets, put that sh*t on FanDuel, OnlyFans and Fandango

“Child of God” — Chance the Rapper

The motivational track eventually reaches a climax towards the middle, thanks to background choir assisted vocals and passionate drums introduced in the instrumental.

The music video, which was premiered at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago on March 24, shows Chance contemplating and writing his lyrics while Gabonese painter Naila Opiangah crafts the album’s cover art, which is also now on display at the museum.

All in all, the artistry, creativity and most inportanly focus — a factor that Chance lacked during his work on The Big Day —”Child of God” shows that Chance the Rapper is determined to make great music again, and prove how special of a talent he is and always has been.

Check out “Child of God” by Chance the Rapper below!

Chance the Rapper announces March 24 release date for new music

Rumblings quickly turned into noise this week for Chance The Rapper. After posting snippets of music with Vic Mensa and giving some strong features in recent months, it now appears that the Chicago icon is giving himself another Chance to bounce back.

On Sunday (March 20), Chance posted on his social media accounts that his “mind is decided,” and March 24 will be the day he will presumably release long-awaited new music.

Earlier this week, Chance launched his new artist website, which creatively allows fans to check out some recent feature verses he has offered, a new “Writing Exercise” verse he put out following the Vic Mensa exhibition, recent music videos for “The Heart & The Tongue” and “The Return” from 2021 and late 2020 and much more.

We now await a further announcement the elaborates on the extent of this new release, but Chance’s voice has always been a thrilling one for hip-hop, so it’s exciting to see what he’ll have in store on March 24.

Chance the Rapper prepares to drop music with new snippet

Ever since Chance The Rapper received mixed reviews for his 2019 debut studio album The Big Day, he has seldom released new material. Although he put out a Christmas collaborative album with Jeremih in 2020 and has linked for singles with Justin Bieber on 2020’s “Holy” and Vic Mensa on 2021’s “Shelter,” Chance has refrained from putting out solo material.

But now, it seems that could all be changing soon. Less than a month after offering a politically charged feature verse for Supa Bwe‘s “ACAB” with redveil and 7000, Chano from 79th has been dropping bread crumbs in a path that appears to lead to new music. To kick off March, Chance the Rapper posted a 43 second snippet of an unreleased song with Vic Mensa on Instagram, where he utilizes his trademark vocal fry for unorthodox bars about George Washington and racial inequality.

This would be fourth collaboration between fellow Chicagoans Chance and Vic, a relationship which started with 2012’s 10 Day track “Family,” continued with Acid Rap smash hit “Cocoa Butter Kisses” and rekindled with “Shelter”.

While this teaser does not directly indicate a release in the immediate future, it does bode well for fans hoping for new Chance the Rapper music. The snippet coincides with another Instagram post from Chance the day before, where he shared photos in the studio with Mensa and Smino, simply captioning it “March.”

Earlier in February, Chance also was seen working with DJ Khaled, so it seems that he has been focused on music since the start of the year.

All we are left to do now is wait for official news on a Chance the Rapper release, which could be coming sometime this month.