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Doechii’s new ‘Crazy’ song, music video receives restrictions from YouTube

Less than a month removed from being added to the TDE roster, Doechii has been making powerful waves with her rap and R&B-fused magic.

Whether it be her mid-March single “Persuasive” or co-signs from marquee pop stars like Doja Cat, who wants to collaborate with her soon, Doechii’s statues has elevated at a rapid pace.

However this week, YouTube has made efforts to stifle that, whether they intended to or not. Released on April 8, the music video for her new single “Crazy” was banned from YouTube’s trending page and will receive no monetization from the platform.

The video includes Doechii and background dancers in the nude, portraying some of the challenges women face when climbing the ranks of status in today’s world. The video includes a scene where Doechii fires a gun at herself to portray a metaphor, leading to YouTube limiting the video from being recommended or being able to earn money.

Doechii released a statement made by the director of the video C Prinz, as she pleads her case for the restrictions to be lifted.

“This film is an expansive metaphor embodying the hardships women go through in their ascension to power. It’s a piece that challenges the viewer to look at stigmatized imagery and asks them to see beyond their first impression—to see the female form not in moments of sexuality but instead in moments of truth, intensity and power; to see a woman wielding a gun; to see a woman express vivid, honest emotions.”

Via release

The extreme imagery in the video is all purposeful, as Doechii’s message should surely be taken at more than face value.

“Both myself and Doechii have worked extensively for the last 4 months developing the narrative of this film, intentionally and meticulously crafting each scene and frame to tell a story derived from both of our personal and shared experiences mirroring the character arc of her new album with TDE,” C Prinze added.

Drama aside though, “Crazy” is a fiery, soulful track that sees Doechii employ shouting vocals and emboldened lyricism that displays her versatility, coming off a much more rhythmic and toned-down single with “Persuasive.”

Y’all calling me crazy

When a b*tch been ballin all day like Brady

Long hair this wavy

And a b*tch been shopping all day no Macy’s

Hop out First Lady

You n****s can’t date me

Look at your savings

“Crazy” — Doechii

Hopefully Doechii can resolve the issue with her music video, as its intent and execution were truly incredible.

Check out “Crazy” by Doechii below!