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Dominic Fike to heat up summer with sophomore album ‘Sunburn’

“The King is back,” a fan wrote in Dominic Fike’s YouTube comments, reasserting that the Florida indie-rap crooner is a can’t-miss icon.

From music to TV and film, Fike has made his way back to the mic after two years of alt-endeavors. Announcing his sophomore LP, Sunburn, in a teaser video, the clip is backed by a bombastic snippet and a barrage of bars which Fike opts to rarely showcase. Sunburn is officially set for release on July 7, as its announcement coincided Fike’s new track “Antpile” (May 26).

Sitting aside a literal ant pile growing in sand and size, Sunburn’s second lead effort is as infectious as its first — continuing a string of summertime rock-pop that feels born-ready for radio play. A master of feel-good sounds, Fike’s raspy yet transportive vocals saunter in between a mean electric guitar kick, punchy live drums and a riser that mimics the excitement of jumping into a pool.

“Dancing In The Courthouse” (April 14) is more of a carefree campfire anthem compared to “Antpile’s” 2000’s backyard kickback. “But we make the ground our grave by layin’ in it / We make our problems fade by facin’ em / We make the wind our wings by raisin’ our arms / On top of the world,” Fike sings with raw emotion, as the track’s versatility — touting shrill background vocals and warbly bass notes courtesy of longtime collaborator Kenny Beats — creates an atmosphere that hits home. The visual for “Dancing In The Courthouse” depicts Fike in his native Florida silhouetting a slew of places — featuring the walks of life that inhabit it.

It’s hard to believe Fike is as prolific as he is with just two records under his belt. His last was his official debut, What Could Possibly Go Wrong, in 2020. While impressively genre-fluid, 2018’s Don’t Forget About Me Demos is still regarded as his magnum opus. To further illustrate Dom’s star power, Drake even boasted he was watching his set at Coachella this past weekend, where Fike previewed “Dancing At The Courthouse” to Chella-goers live as well as “Ant Pile.” Fike also performed at Lollapalooza in Chicago last year, as his upcoming “Don’t Stare At The Sun Tour” is set to visit 27 cities over the course of July and August.

There’s no sound Dom can’t make his own, as “Dancing In The Courthouse” is a warm welcome back for the Florida-born phenom nursing a Sunburn.

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Watch “Antpile” below!

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