Dusty Locane returns for third act on ‘ROLLIN N CONTROLLIN, Pt. 3 (BEEN ROLLIN)’

Since the release of his debut project UNTAMED at the end of 2021, Dusty Locane laid relatively low throughout the year leading up to July. After back-to-back single releases on July 21 and 21 with “TRENCHES” featuring Ditta and “SHOES” with Ron Suno and Rah Swish, Dusty is hitting his stride.

To amplify his momentum even more, Dusty referred to his ole reliable “ROLLIN N CONTROLLIN” saga. On July 29, the Brooklyn drill sensation released “ROLLIN N CONTROLLIN, Pt. 3 (BEEN ROLLIN),” the third rendition of the song series that elevated him to the highest heights of his career.

To end the trilogy, Dusty uses this version to assure fans and enemies alike that he’s an unstoppable force. With a forceful “N***a, I been rollin'” decree on the hook repeated four times, Locane makes it clear that he is not ducking any opposition.

N***a, I been rollin’, rr, rr

Know they gon’ try to backdoor me, leave that bitch open


The notoriety of the first two “ROLLIN N CONTROLLIN”s came from their success on YouTube, with each of their music videos eclipsing 13 million views. Now, after just one weekend, the visuals for the latest effort that just show Dusty and his crew have already racked up over 1.5 million views.

But, sandwiched between the demonstrative chorus, Dusty lets it be known that the entourage he surrounds himself with, visible throughout the music video, is not one to take lightly.

Know I’m surrounded by all of them takers

.40 Cal tucked under the shirt

Catch me a opp, score like a Laker

I ain’t never d*ck ride, switch sides

Just for a favor


In the midst of a milder year compared to his fiery breakout seasons in 2020 and 2021, Dusty Locane is still prone to dropping heaters, especially ones that consist of “rollin” and “controllin.”

Check out “ROLLIN N CONTROLLIN, Pt. 3 (BEEN ROLLIN)’ below!


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