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Iayze follows up on recent success with sequel project ‘Demons 2’

Up-and-coming Texas rapper iayze has been relentless since the success of his mainstream breakout single “556,” flooding the streets with a variety of tracks and full-fledged projects alike this year.

In the wake of his well-received cuts “Cracked (I’m Him 2)” and “Happy,” iayze comes correct with Demons 2, a new full-length project showcasing his high-ceiling versatility once again.

Clocking in at 13 tracks, the sequel to 2021’s Demons features contributions from indie artist Mixed Matches and underground producer-extraordinaire Big Head as iayze runs most of the project on his own — although with his flow ranging from melodic crooning to aggressive barking, he sounds like multiple artists rolled into one.

Iayze also spoke on what his latest project means to him, divulging to OGM that “Demons 2 is a more thought out, complete, and heartfelt project than most of my recent releases. It’s a reflection of the trials and tribulations I’ve experienced this year and a thank you to everyone that’s been supporting me from the start through thick and thin.”

Iayze also confirmed that Demons 2 won’t be his last appearance of 2022, hinting at more music dropping in the months to come. This comes as no surprise to longtime fans as Iayze has dropped multiple projects a year since the beginning of his career in 2019.

“In terms of what’s next y’all can expect me to continue dropping music nonstop with multiple new full-length projects coming this year on top of ‘Demons 2.’ And most definitely expect me to show my versatility and continue dipping into new genres and sounds.”

Iayze to OGM

With yet another versatile and innovative project under his belt, the sky is the limit for Iayze as he continues refining his unique and sing-heavy sound.

Check out ‘Demons 2’ by iayze below!

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