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Ice Spice stacks viral moment after moment on ‘Princess Diana (Remix)’ with Nicki Minaj

The Spice Cabinet and die-hard Barbz unite on the New York emcees’ first official link-up.

At this point in her career, 23-year-old superstar Ice Spice has done all in her power to shake up the game — and has become a household name in the process.

The “Munch” rapper took the internet by storm last year with the inescapable tune, as well as releasing her first EP Like..? in January and notorious collab with PinkPantheress for “Boy’s a liar, Pt. 2.” Amongst the seven tracks off her debut project, “Princess Diana” was its biggest highlight right from the jump. Collaborating with one of her idols, Ice Spice enlisted Nicki Minaj for the remix, sending the internet ablaze almost immediately.

While this collaboration may have caught many by surprise, true music fans may have been able to see this coming due to Nicki showing love to Ice Spice on Twitter. Seeing as the two are not only both from New York, and both icons in their own respects, it was a no-brainer that they would eventually link up.

The RIOT-produced record serves as a nod to the original “Princess Diana.” What started out as a meme, where a fan photoshopped Ice Spice’s face next to Princess Diana’s, turned into reality when she decided to roll with it and play along. Sticking to her princess image, not only is the title fitting, but it’s near perfect for her stance in the rap game as well, as all eyes are on her at the moment. With countless interviews, magazine covers, and brand deals; Ice Spice is capitalizing on her moment right now, and she deserves every bit of it.

The music video for the duo’s collaboration does the song justice, as it shows both Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice in a pink-themed room, from the bedding to the paint on the walls. The two of them look like real best friends in the visual directed by Edgar Esteves, and it took social media by storm. Of course aside from her rapping star power, Ice Spice has owned her sex appeal as well and is comfortable in her own skin to flaunt it no matter what.

A lot of similarities between the two artists can be compared here, as Nicki Minaj, during her legendary run, was a lot like Ice Spice; having the sex appeal, but also having the bars and the star ability to exist amongst, and even surpass other peers in her lane, to back everything up. What makes this collaboration more iconic is that it feels like the two are entering each other’s world — sporting the all-pink vibe that Nicki is known for, as well as rapping on a RIOT beat, Ice Spice’s close friend and producer.

A lot of chatter within the industry lately is that Nicki Minaj is gearing up to start her own record label, titled Heavy On It.” Fans were surprised to see that this collaboration, as well as Ice’s EP both are now listed as being released under the “Heavy On It” label. Ice Spice has been reported to have signed a partnership deal with the label.

Regardless, we are all ready to see what will come of this deal. Here’s hoping we get an entire project from the two somewhere down the line.

Check out “Princess Diana (Remix)” below!