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Jay Wood enlists a marching band to make you ‘HOMESICK’

In a city chock-full of brimming talent, it can be tough to compete with the towering skylines of the Lil Durk’s and Chance the Rapper’s of Chicago – where that brimming talent can feel shrouded beneath their shadows.

It’s clear though when you come across someone special, and Chicago rapper and producer Jay Wood is proving to be a part of the discussion with the latest visualizer for his track “HOMESICK” featuring femdot.

The structure and subsequent inclusion of femdot on the track is illusively entrancing, as the featured verse appears at the end of the track, where the “Senegalese” rapper reflects on those of his past — who they are now and the circumstances that shape them and the rest of us. It’s a fittingand somber finale to a song that celebrates the inseverable attachment that many have towards their respective homes. Can you really escape your past? Definitely, but you’ll surely never forget it.

The simplicity of the accompanied visuals makes it all the more granular. The warm color pallet basks Jay Wood and the marching band that surrounds him, as the sun gleams down on the metallic high school field stands and transports me back to my old stomping grounds. Group pictures are snapped as confetti canons pop, as these seemingly arbitrary but truthfully impactful directorial and editing choices make the song all the more felt.

Through celebrating the good, the bad and everything in between, Jay Wood and femdot craft an introspective banger that settles into melancholic ease, which is then accentuated even further with it’s nostalgically paired visualizer.

Check out “HOMESICK” Below!