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JID enlists Lil Yachty, BabyTron for ‘Van Gogh,’ ‘Half Doin Dope’

JID and Lil Yachty’s “Van Gogh” has been a vaulted gem for nearly two years. Now, the track has finally been shared to streaming services, as the BlakkBoyz tandem skate over their first effort as a duo.

Taking to Instagram Live to reveal a slew of new music on the way, The Forever Story rapper not only discussed the two new drops with Yachty slated for Friday (Sept. 1), but announced an upcoming mixtape titled Forever & A Day as well as updating fans his highly-anticipated collab album with Metro Boomin.

“I think I’mma give y’all an album before this Metro shit come out, Forever & A Day… I’m just making goddamn announcements right quick,” he said on IG Live swirling a glass of spirit. “I don’t even be on this shit no more because I’m too old for it… But [the project] coming out, Fall time. Probably 10-12 songs. Damn near almost done.”

Alongside officially releasing “Van Gogh,” which was initially uploaded on CARDOGOTWINGS’ YouTube channel, the “BlakkBoyz” (JID and Boat’s duo name) and Detroit scam rap icon BabyTron pair up on “Half Doin Dope,” as the new two-pack sees the both JID and Boat continue rather prolific runs in their respective lanes.

Both JID and Yachty performed at Lollapalooza in Chicago earlier this month, as we caught up with the “Dance Now” rapper in his trailer for an update on JIDTRO. “We got to make sure [its] world is right, the world that we’re building,” he said. “We got a lot of music together, but we’ve just been pacing it. We’ve been sending each other stuff almost every day. We’ve both been on tour, so we’ve been working through that because he’s working like a madman right now… It’s going to be a special project.”

Lil Yachty’s tear this year has been nothing short of awe-inspiring — relentlessly sharing hit after hit over the course of 2023. Ignited by his alt-rock opus Let’s Start Here, singles such as “STRIKE,” “TESLA,” “SLIDE” and other appearances on Zack Bia’s debut EP, Learn To Fly, Miguel’s “Number 9” and “1017 ALYX ASM’s “Warriors,” among others, have brought Boat to a new artistic threshold. Poised as hip-hop’s next bona fide superstars, a collab from Lil Yachty and JID was the end-of-summer heat check we needed.

Check out “Van Gogh / Half Doin Dope” here!

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