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Kanye West reveals what happened ‘Last Week’ as ‘Donda 2’ nears completion

Ye’s activity always seems to come in waves — like the universe gives him what he needs when it’s ready for him, for better or worse.

Surprising fans on Monday (Oct. 10) with a 30-minute YouTube documentary/vlog titled “LAST WEEK,” the YZY mogul pulled back the curtain on his latest moves, new music, clothing and more.

The film showcases an update on all sectors of West’s life — his budding venture of bringing YZY storefronts to fruition, his ongoing contractual talks with Adidas, preparing for total independence and a potential Donda stadium show among other things. Initially portraying Ye as the main character of a YZY-inspired video game, this behind the scenes, fish-eyed look into his life is preceded by tons of backlash in recent weeks.

Aside from his departure from Gap and YZY SZN 9 show, his ongoing feuds with Diddy and MASE, the White Lives Matter” t-shirt controversy, his ban on Instagram and ludicrous sound bites from interviews with GMA, FOX, Vogue and more, his insensitive posts have prompted the Donda emcee to return to Twitter, where he stirred up 1 Million likes in a post responding to his removal from IG.

Ye’s Twitter tirade didn’t start there, though, as his first tweet back on the platform saw him tease a 2024 presidential run — picking up right where he left off from November 2020.

Regardless of Ye’s antics on social media, “LAST WEEK” features a slew of new snippets from the YZY mastermind. Recorded from the backseat of a car, Ye is heard rapping over a minimalistic dreamscape beat: “You a fake bitch / You don’t really love Ye / Go listen to Drake bitch / You don’t have no idea what it take bitch.”

The track, presumably titled “War,” hears Ye rattle off names like Lil Baby and Future in his verse, saying he’s “done been here before / I ain’t new at this.” Whether he’s talking about his musical endeavors or navigating backlash, Ye is certainly polarizing in both regards.

The track fades out as Kanye cuts to an internal meeting with Adidas, as his partners try to find a “win-win-win” solution to keep Ye and his products in-house. However, Ye has other ideas as he states in the meeting, which cuts abruptly back into the car to showcase the video’s second track.

“Only billionaire you know who’s sleeping on the couch” he raps alongside Young Thug and Soulja Boy around the 16-minute mark, alluding to his divorce from ex-wife Kim Kardashian — who also makes a cameo in the video during North West’s, their daughter, basketball game. “Let me see your skills,” he says to North, as the proud father of four cheers on his oldest as she hoops.

This track appears to be the finished cut of “Long Time” off Donda 2, which Ye looks to be in the process of completing. A finalized version of “Sci-Fi” was also heard throughout North’s game, as all signs point to Ye dropping the long-awaited record in YZY’s forthcoming “Phase 3.”

On the topic of building out the “YZY ecosystem,” Ye says “it’s time for to shut the f**k up and do what everybody’s wanted me to do for the longest time.” Outwardly getting everything off his chest prior to the video’s release, this era of Kanye seems more focused, carefree and irreverent than in years past. His vision is obvious, showcasing new clothes, designs and plans to construct a Donda stadium space to perform in.

“I know this might sound like the wildest thing to you, but I’m literally in a place where I believe that my product and relevancy and all these things can work without me being the center of the news. We got 2,000 stores, we’ll give you this version of the mall. You know how deals go… it’s more based on human needs and what we’re providing for them and giving our species a simpler, better experience.”

Kanye West on the concept of YZY storefronts

Ye further alluded to the independence and simplicity he’s striving to cultivate for the brand in his Vogue profile, where he plans to sell his loose-fitting YZY apparel directly to the consumer as well as open up “Donda Academy” vocational schools and “Dondasteries.”

It’s evident Ye is mobilizing at a fast pace to bring his ideas to life, but to think all of this happened “LAST WEEK” is truly unfathomable in itself.

Watch “LAST WEEK” below!

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