Lil Baby teases a summer takeover with upcoming music

Unfortunately for us fans, Lil Baby has been masterful at teasing us with music that’s meant to release in the near future. Continuing this trend of waving upcoming releases in front of our faces, while we can’t have it just yet, Lil Baby is now focused on “owning the summer.”

As his highly-anticipated follow-up to his 2020 breakout album My Turn looms closer each day, Baby continues to turn up the heat, teasing a new snippet sampling Drake’s “Pound Cake.” The 4PF head honcho glides over the ethereally nostalgic production effortlessly in the one-minute clip, further proving that Baby is at the top of his game looking to conquer more.

On March 14, the 4PF captain posted on his Instagram story that “this summer” is his. Then, the next morning (March 15), Baby woke up with a vengeance, going on a Twitter spree to double down on his summer takeover, as well as asserting that his next album will replicate the magnitude of 2020’s My Turn and that he will go on a streak of releasing music videos before an eventual album.

According to these new revelations, Baby has a plan set in place, as he will soon end his solo music drought. Read more below for prior news about Lil Baby’s upcoming releases, including song snippets and album updates.

Lil Baby confirms new music coming soon, album near completion

Lately, Lil Baby’s tweets in the last few months of 2021 that hinted at new music eventually snowballed into sharing song snippets to open 2022. Now, the 4PF breadcrumb trail is approaching its final destination, tangible music.

On Monday (Feb. 21), Lil Baby tweeted that his upcoming album, yet to have an official title, is “almost done,” and that new music was on the way shortly.

While we are currently looking forward to new albums from Kanye West and Lil Durk, it will be interesting to see how a new Baby rollout will fit into the fold, especially if he plans to drop music as soon as he leads on.

Check out some of his recent teasers for unreleased music below.

Lil Baby gearing up to drop new music soon, previews multiple songs

As well as we know Lil Baby for his show-stopping feature verses over the past few years since his ascension, it has been nearly two years since he released his most recent solo studio album.

February 2020’s My Turn shot Baby out of a catapult into superstardom, and now all we ca do it wait until he flies by us again with another claim-staking project.

In recent months, Baby has actually built up a semblance of momentum for dropping new solo music, whether it be a single or an entire album. He first got the ball rolling in August, when he told is fans that he had new music coming soon.

While that did not immediately materialize into a release, Baby continued signaling to his fans that his return was near in September, hoping to recruit producers for an upcoming album.

November inspired a great deal of hope, as he not only tweeted that he had “new everything (on the way),” but began previewing music on his Instagram as well.

This likely served as a turning point for Baby, as he then switched gears to Instagram and started previewing multiple songs and posting photos of himself in the studio. In January, he announced “I’m coming” via his Instagram story.

In the last week, the 4PF head honcho has previewed two new songs on his story, both of which seem to include more toned-down instrumentals than we heard from him on My Turn — but still feature his keen, locked in bars and infectious hubris.

Now that his words have manifested into previews of unreleased music, it is now only a matter of time before Lil Baby begins rolling out his next album, likely starting with a promotional single.

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